Persuasion Client Work – GIF

Before I can make a GIF on Adobe Photoshop I had to prepare the photos I will be using by adding the text on them. This is seen in the tiles above. Then after this I had to create a timeline with frame times to make sure all the frames are seen clearly.


This is the outcome of the GIF. This will be able to be placed on the Teen Spirit Facebook page and can be published on to bus station digital billboards and also as social media adverts that can pop up on peoples feeds and Stories. This will be on the frontline to bring attention two the audiences of youngsters because they use mobiles and tablets every day and will e seen on any social media program out there. This GIF’s objective is to tell the audience the benefits of joining the charity as a volunteer and in my opinion is a great way to advertise this charity for youngsters. In my next steps I will be focusing on the GIF idea and will start producing more of them and make them unique and attractive to the audience.


Persuasion Client Work – Easter break

Over Easter break I managed to design numerous logos and experiment with paint but also I had managed to design two volunteering posters for this charity using my brother as the model.

Teenspirit logo rugby

After designing numerous logo identities I choose three designs to develop further and eventually choose the bottom design. The reason I prefer this design is that it still as the teenage cancer colours but also it stands out from teenage cancer trust. The icon it self is designed from a T shape to look like someone spreading their arms in freedom giving the idea of hope. Later I moved on to designing some posters for the charity with the objective of attracting teenagers.


Using photography I managed to a get a possible poster image by taking photo of my brother against a rustic wooden door in Tenby when I went there over Easter. Next I imported the photo on to Photoshop and edited a little bit to make sure the blue door was bright enough. Later I added the information and the Teen Spirit logo to make sure people understand that Teen Spirit is a separate charity to Teenage Cancer Trust. In my opinion this attracts teenagers and youngsters because of the old School/ Rustic look and the teenage character in the image.

While doing more research I discovered that there a lot of fight against poster adverts so I thought about doing something similar to make youngsters come together to fight and unite.

38624_103357736389689_3088727_n2Poster battle paint

Both are the same but one in Cymraeg (Welsh) and the other is in English. Both represent going to battle against cancer with the action of putting the battle paint on his cheek in the colours of the charity. The use of the colour and black background makes a more powerful image and attracts a wide audience with the eyes staring you down.

In my opinion my posters are the strongest work and I can develop ad make other similar and more unique posters and digital work.


Persuasion Client Work – Brief

Before Easter break we had our first meeting with our clients for the second part of the Persuasion project. Our client were Teen Spirit which is a small and welsh based charity working under the association with Teenage Cancer Trust.

In this meeting we discussed their background and overview of the charity and their objective. Their primary objective is to encourage more people to fundraise and engage with the charity in the South Wales area. Also their objective is not only to promote but also to attract new volunteers over the age of 16.

But with more discussion we discovered that Teen Spirit doesn’t have any identity to separate it from the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. In our group we believed that before focusing on the persuasive side and achieving the object we believed that Teen Spirit would benefit by having it’s on identity to make it more clear that they are different committee but work under the same umbrella as Teenage Cancer Trust.

From this meeting we decided that we should focus on the identity and getting ideas for the persuasive objective of the charity over Easter and then after Easter we will be able to advance on the Persuasive aspect of the campaigns.

Constellation PDP

This Second academic year of constellation studies has been a better experience than the first year, it has given us more knowledge and is also very useful in the practice of graphic communication design. During first term I spent my study group learning critical material culture which was very interesting and something I got very interested in. The formative essay I wrote it on Critical design which was first introduced by Dunne and Rabby. The question for the essay was “How do designers get a positive reaction from a negative action”. I found it interesting that in Critical design designers design in a negative manor but the audience will be persuaded to do a positive reaction. This is seen in charity campaigns and smoking packaging but I wanted to focus deeper into this to see if there is two sides of this strategy. In the conclusion I agreed that Critical design was effective but only when used correctly and used for a certain brief. The feedback was positive but I did feel that I could of done a lot better because I was very interested in the topics I choose.

Second term in our study groups we started to prepare ourselves for our dissertation proposal. Before we started the group sessions we met individually with our tutor to discuss our choice of topic for our dissertation. I decided after learning so much on critical design in the formative essay that Persuasion would be a nice topic to focus on. Eventually I decided on the question for my dissertation which was “how can graphic designers persuade us?.” The reason for this question was that when learning about critical design I found it fascinating how designers can change peoples outcomes and make up their minds by their persuasive techniques on their work. In the preparation sessions we had the chance to share our ideas with the group and our tutor, doing so gave me some good feedback and other options to focus on. Closer to the Easter holiday we were given literature suggestions by the tutor to add on top of our own reading list which was very helpful in my case because as I started researching into persuasion I realised how big the field is and the numerous things I needed to research. Fortunately by the end of the second term I was ready to write my dissertation proposal.

Unlike my other essays I wrote my dissertation proposal differently because of all the information and knowledge I have on the topic. I started similar to any essay wrote everything that came to mind from introduction to conclusion. My research has been a long process and I have learnt countless things from the psychological aspect of persuasion, the designers techniques in designing to manipulate to the ways of categorising persuasion which is known as the three C’s, Control, Convince and Convert. Following my research I added a literature review on the books I have read to date. I wrote about the most helpful in certain aspects of persuasion and discussed what I needed to read next. After finishing the conclusion with 5000 words I looked back over the work and added more to it. When reading over the research I realised that I could propose the structure plan for the essay. This meant that I could propose which likely topic would be in certain chapters of the dissertation.

Looking back over the dissertation proposal I am very amazed on how much I have discovered while researching and it shows in the dissertation that I have discovered various facts on different views on Persuasion which is very helpful when it comes to answering the proposed question. The gathered information has the views from each side from the graphic designers point of view, the psychological side and also the effects on the audience of the work which is crucial in writing a successful dissertation. But also after reading over the dissertation proposal I can see what I need to improve on and what I need to focus my research on to in the next few weeks. From looking at the proposal it seems that I have got a healthy view on the psychology side but for the designer and the effects on the audience I suggest that there is a lot more needed because in the critical design formative essay, I found that not everyone agrees with certain techniques and this would be similar with certain strategies found for this dissertation. Another thing that I need to keep thinking about is the amount of research I have done and is it enough to support different aspects of persuasion and is there enough of it to fill a 10,000 word essay.

To develop myself ready to write the dissertation I will need to make sure that I have read the proposed books that I wrote in the dissertation and advanced my knowledge further to make sure that I can support different views on persuasion. Another way I can develop myself ready for the dissertation is to look over any books that I have already read to make sure I don’t miss any crucial information or explanations. On a whole I know what I need to focus on next for my dissertation and luckily I have the time to do so.

Second year has been a lot more challenging looking back especially preparing for the dissertation because the research involved is greater and different to any other essay I have written. But it has been a very interesting year because although it has been challenging I have learnt many new things and also found a topic that I have come to really enjoy. By doing this dissertation it will hopefully make me understand the science and the skills needed to be successful in manipulating the audiences with my graphic design work. By the end of the dissertation in a years time I will be able to use what I have learnt while doing this into my own work in University and also the future in the practice of graphic design.

Persuasion: Conclusion Brief 1

Template 1 DID YOU KNOWstory boardA5 Leaflets

Tuesday we had to present our final outcomes to panel of clients to show them what we are capable of doing for their brief. I had a very good presentation a the feedback was good saying that it was very persuasive and it successfully betrayed the issue.

This first persuasion project has made me explore and focus a lot on the deeper meaning of things and that an image can say a lot instead of using words. I’m very happy with how my Poster came out and it looks quite professional but I would work more on my information pack because it had the same visuals as the poster but less thought thru. To make it better I would redesign how the words set on the image and also I would make the information look more appealing and also get more facts and figures to make it more interesting for the younger audience. The Animation is my future goal to achieve because in my opinion bringing the football team into the film would show the life changing side of Transplant and using them to convey the issue will effect many people which is why it’s worth trying to create this cinematic/Animation advert for the campaign.

All in all I am very pleased with this project and I know what I can do to make it better over the Easter holidays ready to be put into my portfolio. This project has also made ready for my Client persuasion brief and I am looking forward to be designing for someone who needs help in their campaign.

Persuasion: Poster Changes


In the last feedback tutorial this was the poster I took to show to the group. I had very good feedback like the Kidney Beans with the best before date is a very good metaphor to describe the issue and also its very shocking in the relationship with the words.  But they did give me some suggestions like that the image should be more independent and let it speak to its self and then the language ” Transplant isn’t a cure” should be more visible and to make the “Isn’t” more bigger to make it more meaningful.

Template 1 DID YOU KNOW

After getting this feedback I went away to do these changes. This is the poster have the changes made I am glad I have done them because the image works a lot better on it’s own and also it’s very powerful independently. The relationship of words and image work well but they work more independently as well. Layout of the poster is visually clear and by increasing the image white background it has made me gain space to put the information and to play with the Title.

In my opinion the changes have benefitted the poster a lot and has made it a lot clear which makes it a very strong and appealing poster with the intentions to shock the audience as they pass.

Persuasion: Animation

story board

In one of my feedback tutorials I was suggested that an animation or cinematic advertisement campaign would target the audience more successfully and can be placed on TV, Digital Billboards and other screens in market places and Cinemas.

My idea for the animation/Digital advertisement was to film my Kidney Wales Five aside team playing football and then make an abrupt end to the joy and make a serious turn to show that the Organs don’t last and people like us will end up back on the transplant list and suffering again.  The ball in the film will be the object that guides each frame and in the ball movement will bring the information on the screen to create different settings and also making the film a moving picture instead of a boring advert.

Unfortunately due to weather conditions I wasn’t able to film the football team but in the next coming months I will eventually have a cinematic campaign alongside my ephemera. Instead I will have to show the story board to my client and present it in a such way that they can imagine how the advert would look.