Penguin Project

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Penguin books have introduced a competition where they give the opportunity for students to get involved in book cover design and our University course have chosen to give us the task of taking part in this competition.

The books we are asked to deign for is either Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman or a Adult Fiction cover award on the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. From the two books I have heard a lot about the Animal Farm novel but haven’t had the chance to read it. This was a great opportunity to give it a read and after finishing the book I decided that George Orwell’s novel was my preferred book to take on for this competition.

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm was first published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell the novel reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of Soviet Union.

The plot of this book is about the corrupted ruling of the pigs over the other animals in the farm. Old Major an old boar had a dream of life without man ruling over them and he summons the animals to start a rebellion against the humans. Over the next year the animals become more wary that the pigs are corrupting this rebellion and treating other animals of the less equally than themselves.

The Themes of this book are quite negative like there’s themes of corruption in Society and the abuse of power/ruling. Also we see the theme of naïve working class where animals don’t realise what is right and wrong and the manipulative way the pigs persuade the workers animals specially Squealer who “others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white”.

Animal Farm or known as Manor farm is a symbol of Russia and the Soviet Union under Communist Party rule. Generally the farm stands for any human society, be it capitalist, socialist, fascist, communist. It possesses the internal structure of a nation with a government (The Pigs)3, a police force (dogs), a working class and state holidays and rituals. The location amid the other farms supports its symbolism as a political entity with diplomatic concerns.

The pigs and the dogs are the symbol characters of Russia back in the 1920s to 1940 the years up to World War 2. In these years Russia was govern by Vyacheslav Molotov 1930-1941 where the Communist government used their power to abuse their own and in the year of 1940 between April and May the NKVD – Peoples Commissariat for internal affairs which is a secrete police organisation carried out the Katyn Massacre which was a mass murder of 22,000 polish nationals and Soviet rebels. This co exists with the mass murder in animal farm when Napoleon’s Dogs “NKVD” killed the spy animals of Snowball.

Next step for me is to start doing some research into recent and past book covers for this book and also do a quick research into penguin books and what kind of book covers they usually pick for their book publishing.



Field: Reflecting on Information Design

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The past 5 weeks have been a new and exciting experience in my journey within the Graphic Design industry. Before the 5 weeks I never thought about information design as a practice but looking back I have enjoyed it and also have learned numerous  strategies of presenting Information and also how important and useful graphic designers can be when it comes to making data and facts look pleasing and interactive to the audience of readers. Learning about well known information designers like Harry Beck the designer of the London Underground Map and Margaret Calverton who designed road traffic signs. These are things we take for granted every day and this is what makes information design interesting and under rated because people don’t realise how important and how we depend on information design for every day life.

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Isotype is another example of information design. Isotype is used in so many contexts like toilet signs, labels, signs and maps we use them in day to day life. They don’t show any data and they look like drawings of different things but when you think about Isotypes they give us instant information and knowledge for example we see a male toile sign and you  instantly think that is a toilet for a male. Isotypes is one example of how broad information design is and how it can enter other practices like Illustration and Animation and this is what we have discovered in our field work. Every one of us from different practices had unique takes on Information design some had posters and booklets others made animations or even built 3d products.

In my Subject I will consider information design for now on and I will start taking notes when I come across unique ways of presenting facts and figures because n the future they will come useful in certain projects and especially when re-designing my Kidney Transplant booklet I have designed in the last 3 weeks.


Field: Presentation & Possibilities

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On the final day we all came together and did a 6 minute presentation on our project. For once I was quite relaxed because I was presenting basically about myself and I have done so much talks about my experiences so it was quite natural discussion. Everyone’s work was different an unique. Many went for world problems like recycling, animal cruelty and war but also many went for personal experiences or hobbies.

This project has given me so much more interest in Editorial design because it has made me enjoy a very personal project and also to make it a personal project it has made me push hard to succeed in doing so. I have come to enjoy the endless possibilities in Editorial design and how a Graphic Communicator can make someone’s reading experience more enjoyable.

I have enjoyed designing this booklet around my results and my Transplant but unfortunately I believe I can push this even further and eventually have something more successful and strong to show people that Kidney Transplants are magical. I wil have to focus on my visuals and also type detailing to make it up to standard. To explore my possibilities with this booklet I will need to go back to research and research into Editorial designed pieces from Graphic Design companies like Elbow Grease, Elsie and examples on Behance. The changes can be endless like every year I could make a similar book with more information and detail of how my year went or I could add more results on to this booklet. There are so much possibilities and it would be good for my Portfolio work because it’s something about me as a person. First thing I would like to do though is to do more advancements on this booklet and print it off professionally to see how the colours work. This will have to be done in my spare time in the next last remaining months of University.

Field: Draft Piece

IMG_0572[1].JPGThe last two days I have been doing changes to my design and also preparing it to be printed off as a draft to see how the book would work.


The front over is made our of words, all these words have described my experience going through the Transplant and also in the last seven years. Another way I have made it personal is to make the page in an usual size but the reason for this is that it’s the exact size of my belly 32cm wide and 20cm height. Also the Kidney is on the left hand side but if anyone held the booklet against there belly the Kidney will be on the right side and will give them the idea of where my Kidney is and the Kidney is actual size.


To make a Transplant theme or operation look I had the idea to cut the Kidney shape out from the cover this will make the impression of opening someone to explore deeply. On the back page of the cover it has my history and the second page it says whats the reason for this booklet.


This page has turned out well and looks more interesting to the eye in how it sits across the tow pages. Also the advancements on adding the amounts on the side of the Kidneys just makes the page more organised.


Next page is the start of my Seven years timeline of results. 2011 and 2012 have their own two pages but 2013-2017 folds out from the book and extends giving the reality scale of the years that have passed.

But the party piece of this is that it looks very corporate and serious and has lost the personal touch of my experience but if the reader held this and light was shinning behind it, it would be the possible to see the personal words again giving a very strong perspective on these results.


Next step for this booklet is to do all the changes like typographic, Rag and checking my spelling but I wanted to create this draft to see how the booklet would look and would it work in showing my personal side and the measurements of the size and kidney matches my very own body.

Field: 7 years Results

The biggest results of my Kidney Transplant is the Creatinine results from 2011 to 2017 and with all this information it is quite hard to show this amount of information interestingly.

But in a discussion we came up with a very unique idea which was to use the results as a time line and it will fold out from the book. By doing this it will be more effective to the reader because it will be more interactive.

While I was designing this idea I realised that the back of the page will be empty when they get folded out. So further down the line I came up with a solution of what I could put on the back cover. My idea was to put words on the back pages and all these words would relate to my emotions and feelings from the Kidney Transplant. These words then would be seen shinning through when the fold out pages are placed in front of a light.

To see if this works I had to do a little experiment



I wrote my name the correct way and one reflective to it to see if I would need to reflect my words if I wanted to do this in my work.


In the quick experiment I found that to do this in my work I will need to reflect my words to make it work. The star is the correctly written ben and the one underneath is the one that was written reflectively.

After getting this conclusion I went to start designing this fold up pages.

2011-2012 TIMELINE pages within the book

Fold out pages 2013-2017 and other side page

My reason for doing this is that it ads some personal side to the work and will show my emotions from the experience. Unfortunately I still believe that this booklet is still losing something and hopefully after this brief is finished I will be doing it in my time to make it portfolio worthy and also more successful as a personal information booklet for people to learn about Transplants.

Field: Feedback and Changes

Kidney Transplant Booklet

This was my current designed booklet that I took into my feedback session. In my feedback I was told that this booklet should be more personal to me and that this booklet design looks to corporate to be related with my story. I had a lot of ideas coming away from the feedback which was to start measuring my stomach and then create a booklet to actual size of my waist where my Kidney is placed. So I went away to do some quick research on kidney sizes and found that a Kidney from a transplant decrease and increases depending on size and mass of a person. Also a Kidney is equal to a fist size so I measured my fist and it was 75mm wide and height of 130mm.

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Next brainwave I had was to add words that came to mind from when I think of my Transplant. Using these words would let me be more creative and make the booklet more Contemporary and interesting. The only difficulties I’ve come against is how I could present my Creatinine levels across the 7 years in an interesting manner. To get over this problem I will have to do some quick research to get an idea of what I could do to show this information.

Field: Visual decisions

To start off I had to decide on a title for the booklet and after many ideas of names I eventually decided on “Kidney Transplant – Life after the operation”. My purpose for this booklet is to analyse my own results after the Transplant and to show people how life changing a kidney transplant is.

Next I needed to decide on the visual aspects and after analysing colours on websites and how they betray Kidney Transplants I went on to design ideas.


In a recent research designers have found that circles are a friendly and innocent shape and in my case it is a good example to use in my project but I have used shapes before and using circles ain’t exciting and attractive they are just to simple.


The next obvious step is to use kidneys as visuals but in Kidney Wales website the Kidney is used constantly through out as a visual even in the logo. With that I thought the Kidney shouldn’t be used as much but the kidney could be used to present the information.

Kidney Transplant Booklet .1

After some experimenting with lines and patterns on Adobe Illustrator I came across this unique shape pattern and it reminds me of a medical kind object or organ like a blood vessel or muscle tissues. Also looking at the pattern from a distance it makes the booklet cover look intriguing to the reader. Using this pattern could be used throughout the book and would help as a hierarchy stepping stone to make it easier for the reader to read throughout the pages.

In my opinion I could do a very strong typographic booklet, but because it’s a medical information booklet that will be used by other families or patience it should be simple to understand but still contemporary and appealing for the Audience.