Field: Visual Ideas

After getting my research together I started to think about my visuals for this booklet of information. To get some ideas I went to do some research on kidney related websites to see what they have to show. The first Website I came across was Kidney Wales.


The first thing that hits you is the colours and these colours are bright. The blue is the most dominant colours ad then alternate colours are green and white. Looking closely into the work it is possible to see that the website is quite contemporary with its minimalized icons and clean cut sentences. This website emotionally makes me feel hopeful it brings a positive appearance to the cause.

Capture 1.PNG

Kidney research has gone for a different look. The website come across more scientific and information loaded unlike the Kidney Wales. This is probably due to that Kidney Wales is a charity and Kidney Research UK is a Charity to help research and development in the knowledge of helping Kidney Failure and disease. The Colours say a lot about both services because blue is the colour that is associated with Stability, Confidence and healing which describes the Charity Kidney Wales accurately. Purple and Pinks are colours associated with Enlighten and Transformation which again presents what kidney research do and aim to achieve.

Out of my research I should consider my colours in my work because it will be able to present my aim for the booklet by using colour. Also I want the booklet to be unique and different in look to other NHS related books. This means my booklet needs to be Contemporary, Exciting and pleasing to the eye to bring attention of readers and also to show my excitement of having a functional Kidney.



Field: Frutiger

Image result for nhs  frutiger

In my research I started looking at NHS books and a came across the NHS typeface and I wondered what it was. In further research I found that the NHS typeface is Frutiger.

The typeface was introduced back in 1999 when the NHS identity was launched. Frutiger was chosen to be the primary typeface for the NHS and has been in its place ever since. It was chosen because it was a flexible sans serif font because it was designed to be clear and easy to read at a distance and in small sizes.  It was and still is a contemporary typeface.

Image result for frutiger font

I want my  information design to be contemporary and interesting so this typeface could be very useful and it will let me try and make a new image for the typeface instead of being used for boring a plain signage around the hospitals.


Field: Kidney Transplant Experience

20 years ago when I was 2 weeks old I went very sick and was rushed into the local hospital in Carmarthen, South Wales. After 24 hours of tests the doctors driven me to the Heath hospital Cardiff to get further tests. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful and I was moved once more to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London there I was diagnosed with Kidney failure and my parents were told that in the future I would need a Kidney Transplant in the future. 13 years later I grew up on one 25% functional kidney and in the summer of 2010 my mum had the go ahead to give her kidney. The day of the Transplant was 26th January 2011 I was at Bristol Children’s hospital with my father and my mother was at another hospital across town where they operated and then travelled across town with my Kidney in a Taxi to the Children’s hospital where I was waiting for the go ahead. The kidney didn’t work for the first 12 hours which was uncommon but eventually when I was asleep it finally kicked in. I was in the hospital for 25days  and further 2 months off school because I was having check up three days a week twice in Cardiff and every Monday in Bristol. 8 years on I have achieved many things and one of those is reaching University and I haven’t looked back since.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

This was me hours after the transplant I had 16 tubes all together attached to my body. Slowly every day there was always one less tube. In this photo I was half asleep due to the medication but I did realise I was on the other side. They say not to judge a book by it’s cover and this goes with this photo because yes I look pleased but it was only 3 months later I was told that my Kidney wasn’t working in the first 12 hours. Which came as a shock to me. Next day I was tired but everything was functioning and everyone could relax. My Creatinine levels before the Transplant was 900 which is so high it could kill. (Creatinine is the term used for the poison/ toxins in the blood). But only 12 hours later after the kidney functioned my Creatinine level fell to 360.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100This was day 13 post operation  in that thirteen days I learnt to walk again, had stitches and tubes removed and also I was moved into a new bedroom with an suit (Goals). In this photo I’m phoning my grandparents to tell them I had the go ahead to go home. The transplant days was very emotional with failures and success but the only way I got through it was support from family and also friends and teachers from school who sent get well cards and letters that got me through challenging times.

But now I’m 8 years on and I have achieved so much with the constant support of friends and family. I’ve gone places and done places I wouldn’t of been able to do before the Transplant. This three week brief will give me the chance to gather data of my hospital results and will let me create an outcome by using them to show how my kidney has been functioning for the last years. But also I could use data on transplants and using all of the data I could make a booklet of information spread sheet to present to people the information about Kidney transplants and Organ donations. I’ve been and still am a volunteer for Kidney Wales Foundation a charity for Kidney failure and disease families in Wales and to date my family and I have raised around £20,000. So my outcome could benefit charities like Kidney Wales and I will get a lot of pleasure in helping and benefiting them.




FIELD: Steam Bending


In the build up to the manufacturing of our wall storage we had the chance to learn new processes. Steam bending was one of the processes, which is the process of bending wood with the aid of steam. To carry out this, you will need to use green wood and need to create a jig  for the wood to make the shape you want. The Jig can be made of waste/ cheap wood such as woodchip, Ply or MDF. After creating the jig it’s time to steam bend. In the need to steam bend one thing you will need is a steam box or something to place wood that would let steam travel through. In our session our lecturer had made a steam box out of recycled metal tube which was long enough to place the wood within and it held the steam in.

IMG_0727 In the back around you can see the steam box and the wood that was inside is pulled out after an hour or two. The time in the box would of aloud the wood fibres to absorb the heat which will let them to stretch and bend.

In the fore-ground on the table is the jig made from MDF this is where the wood will be placed around to take the shape.


The wood taken from the steam box is bent around the jig in this photo, it’s hard work and is more than a one man job. But some times this method doesn’t work and as the wood cools down the fibres break and this what has happened to the wood in the bottom image.


To avoid this there’s another way of doing it which is bending the wood using a sheet metal to guide it and support the fibres as it bends.

IMG_0741IMG_0742Here we see the wood being clamped into the metal guide and then bent around the jig. This method is similar to the first but instead it is bent with the guide then clamped down with G clamps for the wood to keep its place on the jig.

This process was very interesting and quite exciting to see the wood bend so easily but even so I don’t think my designs would benefit from steam bending and it takes time to prepare for this process which is not suitable for the week and a half time for the build.

Graduates Exhibition

To get an understanding how our work should be up to standard by graduation year I went to visit the third year graduation exhibition.

The exhibition was full of interesting work with a wide variety of printed work like Posters, Editorial designed books/magazines and logo design and also many animated pieces of work.

One graduate’s work reminded me of the Dyslexia project, his work was called WORD PLAY which consisted of posters and an animation which contained words and letters with a black and white themed similar to the dyslexia project in field term.

The book/independent magazine he created came across very professional and the use of white and black worked well and consistent through out the pieces of work. All together the work connected well there were no loss of consistency. The weaknesses would be the posters, because there is space for making it more playful but through out it shows the ability of a Graphic Designer to be playful with Typography.

In an exhibition and in the outside world, it is important to think how would your work attract and influence people. In the exhibition there were two pieces of work that did influence me an attracted me to it due to how the designer placed his/her work to the audience.

This is a great example of how the designer has thought thoroughly about the space around the piece of work and also experimented with the material to betray the message. This piece of work instantly attracts the eye more than any two dimension pieces of work. Another example of using the space around the work was this:


By putting this piece of work at the bottom of the wall gives the image of sinking. Both pieces of work could be effective in the towns an cities, with the poster about Migrants could be placed on walls which would capture the passers by and this poster would work well on the floor next to a rain puddle or again against the walls. These to pieces of work has made myself more aware of the importance of how your work could influence people just by experimenting by space and environment of the work.

The greatest thing about this exhibition was the variety of ideas and briefs the graduates had many went for issues of today in politics or within design, some went for health related briefs others created briefs more closer to home like creating a brief around the Cardiff bus service. I enjoyed walking around the exhibition and looking at briefs that were designed for a company or creating a company like Aura Clothing or Naqshah which was a start up swim wear business. The reason I liked these pieces of work was the shear scale of the work involved to create a new brand and the detail the designer went into to make the logo, packaging and also the details on the product itself.


The labels and the tubs just give the scale of this brand making piece of work. There were many branding briefs around the exhibition similar to this and the Aura Clothing which again was very impressive showing the detail of the graduates work through out.

Graduation exhibition has given me a good insight into what i should be aiming for when I get to the third of year of this course. It has already made me think of what i should be aiming for when it comes to the second year and also it has shown the big variety of things I could create my brief on. I am very interested in the branding brief idea because one of my future ideas is to maybe create some kind of brand but I have plenty of time to think about it. For the future projects I will be setting more goals for myself which should place me in good position and knowledge when it comes to creating work like these very successful graduates.

ELSIE Magazine Talk

This term has been all about designing spreads and doing research into magazine designs. To broader my ideas and learning in editorial design i went to ELSIE Magazine Talk were Les Jones the designer and creator of the design magazine spoke to us about his magazine and his inspirations of creating such a unique and successful editorial piece.

The idea of Elsie magazine evolved in his mind when he started to believe in Creative Freedom. While working as an independent  freelance designer he wasn’t to happy with the idea that clients were always on his back changing his creative designs. One day he decided to think of ways were he could express his creativeness and get money from it, and this was were ELSIE Magazine came from. To start he wasn’t interested in the money because not all independent magazine agencies get a lot of money . But after setting out to create ELSIE #1 he soon discovered that people recognise potential such as the New York National Library who voted the magazine in the top 10 magazine in the world of that year.

The talk was inspiring, giving us new ways of thinking and making us feel more confident i our own work and ideas. I’ve took many key things from this lecture to move use within my work such as “No Excuses”  and also when it comes to your own ideas there is some times where you just got to ignore others because to much ideas will make you lose ownership in your own design and lose your hold over your own idea.

Ideas Title layout

indesign ideas.jpg

These are some ideas i’ve come up with for my front cover. After research into colours i decided on the colour blue because the blue family has so much variety of colours and many are eye popping and modern. Before the blue i looked at the pink which was beautiful in colour so decided to keep it minimalist and used Verdana typeface because it has different strokes and by using this typeface it could create simple good looking title. But for me the pink wouldn’t do so after finding the correct colour i went on to play with the title and came up with these ideas.

The title works well with a right flush and a left flush due to the fact there’s a break within the title. But the main reason was that the title gave suspicion that “Sugar” was more of a shadow in the back ground, a mystery and in the article it’s the same because through out the years fat has been the enemy but only now we realise fat all along was good for us and sugar ain’t. So with that in mind by putting “Is Fat Killing You” bigger and right flush it stands out and then sugar left flush and smaller gave a mystery aspect for it. I also decided with “or is sugar” to put it white because sugar is white in colour and also makes it more unique and stands out.

After experiment with the blue background i discovered that a small blue box works well and it creates simple yet modern look for the cover. Then from the after playing around with how everything looks the idea came to me to turn the small blue box into a mug giving the impression of sugar in a cup of tea. Really like the idea but after adding the name of the writer the layout didn’t look as good so i moved things around and increased the size of the blue and then came up with this unique idea which works well were the blue and the white are contrasted together and then the Jerome Groopman is creatively put in the corner to follow around the page.

At this time this is were the design is at for the cover and i have edited the text and placed into the layout but haven’t played around with how the context will sit on the page.