Persuasion: Poster Changes


In the last feedback tutorial this was the poster I took to show to the group. I had very good feedback like the Kidney Beans with the best before date is a very good metaphor to describe the issue and also its very shocking in the relationship with the words.  But they did give me some suggestions like that the image should be more independent and let it speak to its self and then the language ” Transplant isn’t a cure” should be more visible and to make the “Isn’t” more bigger to make it more meaningful.

Template 1 DID YOU KNOW

After getting this feedback I went away to do these changes. This is the poster have the changes made I am glad I have done them because the image works a lot better on it’s own and also it’s very powerful independently. The relationship of words and image work well but they work more independently as well. Layout of the poster is visually clear and by increasing the image white background it has made me gain space to put the information and to play with the Title.

In my opinion the changes have benefitted the poster a lot and has made it a lot clear which makes it a very strong and appealing poster with the intentions to shock the audience as they pass.


Persuasion: Animation

story board

In one of my feedback tutorials I was suggested that an animation or cinematic advertisement campaign would target the audience more successfully and can be placed on TV, Digital Billboards and other screens in market places and Cinemas.

My idea for the animation/Digital advertisement was to film my Kidney Wales Five aside team playing football and then make an abrupt end to the joy and make a serious turn to show that the Organs don’t last and people like us will end up back on the transplant list and suffering again.  The ball in the film will be the object that guides each frame and in the ball movement will bring the information on the screen to create different settings and also making the film a moving picture instead of a boring advert.

Unfortunately due to weather conditions I wasn’t able to film the football team but in the next coming months I will eventually have a cinematic campaign alongside my ephemera. Instead I will have to show the story board to my client and present it in a such way that they can imagine how the advert would look.

Persuasion: Ephemeras and Animation

For my campaign I will be designing a printed ephemera poster which would be placed in public places to get the attention of the target audiences. But to make an effective poster I had to come up with a strong metaphor or visual to present the issue that transplant ain’t a cure.

After some thinking and discussing I had an idea to use Kidney beans as a symbol of a kidney and using the “best before date” on the packaging as a metaphor for that organs don’t last like people think. But the image isn’t enough to make it pop out and be effective to persuade the audience. With more research I came across a very powerful quote which was “Transplants ain’t a cure”. This is very strong quote and works in a relationship with the image of the kidney beans.


Also I wanted to create some ephemera information leaflets with the similar design but on the back it had more details and facts about Organ transplants and why they fail.

A5 Leaflets

But in the recent discussion a film advertisement would be a great persuasion piece and would be able to be placed on digital bus billboards, tv adverts and adverts in cinemas.  When discussing I had a unique idea to film and to ask questions with my charity football team and to build my advert around that.

But first I have to create a story board that would help me to design this advert and to wright a script for the piece of work as well.


Persuasion: Organ donation Campaigns

For this Campaign persuasive brief I’ve decided to focus my attention on the miss understanding that people don’t realise Organ transplantation is a big cycle and that many patience who have had a transplant will need another in a few years. But before designing anything I needed to research into different campaigns that Kidney Wales and also other companies have done.


This is a very minimal but also quite powerful poster. The action the poster shows a strong relationship with the words Cut and paste and it works instantly making the audience realise the campaign of Organ donation. This would work for my campaign but Kidney Wales use a shock factor effect to persuade their audience.


Unlike the other poster these two posters show a more shocking and has a personal attachment when using people in the poster. The first poster shows to sides of the argument by using two of the same person but one is well and the other is suffering with an organ failure. The second poster has the visual where its comparing a bin and a girl together. The second poster has a word relationship with the image which gives the audience a debate/decision also using a child targets a family target audience but has emotional effect with the other audiences as well. This poster is a campaign for presumed consent that tries to persuade people to donate their organs to people like the little girl. This campaign has the strong persuasion effect to persuade people because it gives the shock factor and also has a wide target audience and can make people realise that what we are doing in the world is wrong.

I believe that a shock factor is best way to show people the seriousness of the Organ cycle and that I should consider strongly the relationship of image and words in my visuals. These ideas have a strong relationships with image and words and they are effective due to it.



Persuasion: Campaigns

Through out the last years we have seen a lot of changes within the topic of organ donations and especially in Wales when back in 2015 the Welsh government passed the opt out scheme where instead of opting on to the donation list you have to opt out. The most recent campaign in Wales was that last year 60 transplants didn’t go ahead because bereaved family members over ruled the deceased decision of giving his organs. This campaign was to advertise how important it is to talk about the decision because it will make the family realise your wish and reason to donate. This was the campaign advert:

Very strong and also effective advert which targets the problem straight to the point. 60 transplants didn’t take place last year and those lives who could of been saved are all in the past. But also another problem I have noticed with presumed consent is people don’t really understand it. They believe that their organs when they die will be instantly removed and given away, this what they believe but it isn’t true. The only way that a person would be able to give their organs is when the person is brain dead, on Life support or with a very faint pulse. The reason for this scheme is to increase the number of possible organ donations. This is one situation where I have seen a big miss understanding of Organ Donation and is another reason for people to make their minds up about organ donating.

Another problem or misunderstanding is that people don’t recognise that a person like myself who’s had a transplant will probably need another two transplants in my life time. This shows how scare Organs are because the Transplant list are massive and these don’t include people who one day will be suffering again in need of a new organ. People don’t realise as well that you are more likely to need an organ donation in your lifetime than to donate an organ. This is how much people don’t understand and realise how big and deadly organ failure can be.

Sian is suffering from Kidney failure and is placed on a Dialysis machine for 4 hours/4 days a week. She hasn’t got the time to enjoy with her family, friends or even being a normal and healthy child. She can’t go away on holidays because the machine is like an iron ball chained to her ankle keeping her close in a dark murky room. But a gift of life is new release of life! you feel reborn, completely different to the old you. I rarely look back to my thirteen years of discomfort and illness but when I do I can see how much I have gained and enjoyed my new life. But for all of us like myself , Sian and other patience will one day end up back into the claws of this blue nightmare. But this can change when people realise how important and how great and magical a gift like this could help someone. I’ve had a transplant and that hasn’t stopped me putting myself on the register. So what’s stopping any one else?. People need an insight into the real values of an organ transplant and get rid of all the miss understanding which effects peoples decision to give or to keep. I have witnessed both sides of this argument also, my close friend left us but he left as a hero by donating his organs. I have seen how hard the decision is to the family and friends but after talking about it with them they say it’s a great feeling to know that their son or anyone in that case can leave our world as a hero with a massive positive effect on someone else is life.

My next steps is to narrow my two campaign ideas which are the miss understanding of presumed consent and also the life span of an Organ donation. In the further research I will start to focus my attentions on visuals and how I could persuade people for this campaign.


Persuasion: HEALTH

“Persuasion attempts to influence people’s beliefs,
attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviours in
relation to an event, idea, object, or other person(s).”

For the next few weeks before Easter break we are starting a new brief called Persuasion. In this brief we are asked to design a campaign on a cause. Firstly we had to sign up to a group and I went for Health because I already had the light bulb moment when the brief asked for us to create a campaign and I instantly thought about my closest campaign which is organ donations.

A reason for choosing organ donation is not only the fact I’ve received a Kidney Transplant but also people don’t understand the importance of it and specially in Wales many people don’t understand the new law of Presumed Consent where an individual has to opt out instead of opting into the organ donation register. As I know a lot about this topic I can bring new light and different perspective to the campaign.

Over the last 20 years my family and I have worked closely with Kidney Wales Charity and they have produced some very strong campaigns on organ donations which would help with my research into the topic.



Penguin Project: Animal Farm Covers and Typeface

Before I can go to start designing I need to do some research on other Animal Farm book covers.

Image result for animal farmImage result for animal farm

Image result for animal farm book covr

In my research I instantly noticed that mostly every book cover of Animal Farm was quite similar to each other because they use visuals of a Russian Propaganda poster like this:

Image result for russian propaganda

All three examples above are very similar to this poster using the red and yellow colours and also a very bold and strong hierarchy of the typeface and imagery. Another massive similarity is the constant use of pigs on the front covers. Instantly my mind is trying to find new ways of pursuing this project without using the use of animals in the book cover unless used very distinctly. Also the use of Russian Propaganda is a very useful idea because the novel represent the Soviet Union but I believe there other ways we could betray this in the cover other than using propaganda imagery. I also think that the clue for a successful and also alternative book cover look for this book is hidden inside the story itself. By using a symbol  or an idea from the novel itself it would be possible to betray in the cover. Typography on the other hand I think would work if used a Russian typeface like Kroftsmann.

Image result for kroftsmann typeface


which is a army typeface which would sit perfectly in sink with the army like force Napoleon has on the Farm. If I moved off of the use of propaganda visuals and still used this typeface it would still make the reader realise and relate to the Russian Soviet Union idea. Before deciding on using this typeface I will start sketching ideas and when it comes to the narrowing down process I will start thinking of my typeface choice.