Printing and Binding

After getting some feedback and working on my changes for the spreads I finally came to the point where I was ready to print my work professionally. After looking throughout Cardiff for reasonable priced printing companies I decided to go to Vegaprint.

It was an experience being in a printing shop because I could see the variety of jobs the company was printing for and also the shop had their own Graphic design section which would be helpful if I was having trouble with printing or needing advice.

I saved the spreads as an INDESIGN PDF which included cut marks, bleed marks and also a CYMK colour bar. The print was successful but because my spreads are landscape I had to print my work on to an A1 paper which cost £30 for all three spreads.

For the exhibition we have to bind our work like magazines, so to do this we started off by creating a mark through the middle of the spreads with the folding bone tool. This makes it easier to fold up when it comes to the folding.

Next was to crop the spreads by using a stencil and a ruler which is more cleaner than using a guillotine. This took time because you wouldn’t want to cut it badly or do a mistake but eventually finished all three spreads. Then using the bone tool again I folded the spreads.

Finally to stick the spreads together we used spray able glue which is made for sticking paper together. But to glue there was an order that we had to stick it for the spreads to work.


To make sure I wouldn’t stick the pages wrong I quickly sketched out how to correctly stick the spreads. It works by stick spread 2 to spread one by putting glue on page 2 of spread 1. Then to stick spreads 3 to spread 2, I put glue on page 4 (spread 2) then stick it to page 5 (spread 3).

Then after the delicate time of placing the spreads together it was sent to get tidy up by cutting off any ruff edges and then placing a book on top to make sure the glue sticks the paper together.

The process of binding was fun and a great skill to get your hands on for future projects. Also I’m happy how accurate I was with the cutting and gluing the spreads together. But in the future ill make sure to use more glue because I went back to glue because the pages were slowly separating when being looked through.


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