Final changes

Before printing and binding my final design we had a chance to send it away as a package to be looked over and to be given feedback so that we could do any small changes needed before the print.

Sending it off to be checked my design was this:


But after getting my feed back and working on the changes my final design piece was this:

Spreads on PDF

As seen from both designs there has been a great change in the spreads. The feedback was very useful and there was no need for a such drastic change in the design but one of the notes in the feedback was to play with the margins by increasing the inside and narrowing the outside. By increasing the inside to 24 and top and bottom to 20mm created more space to play with and it gave the freedom for the text to be more spread across the pages.

Another point was that my spreads had so much space because it is designed in landscape in stead of portrait,  that I could be more experimental with the design of the spreads. My idea was to create a more 3D look by creating depth with in the spread by putting cubes behind and front of text which makes a depth look on the page. Also by doing this it gives a more quirky look and more interesting to read. The Quotes also needed some change. There wasn’t any consistency with the quotes and also when looking over the layout afterwards the quotes didn’t seem right. To change this I returned to one of my previous ideas but then placing the quotes to follow the sides of the cubes creating a geometric style and which makes a flow through out the spreads.

After all the changes I was pleased with the outcome, the hierarchy worked well with the use of colours and shapes made the spreads flow and also the text how it was placed also created stepping stones throughout the Delete repeated word spreads making it easy for people to read. By changing the margins it helped with the text and by increasing the leading of the paragraphs it has made it a lot easier to read and it stands more comfortable on the page. All in all pleased with the spreads and I am ready to print.


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