ELSIE Magazine Talk

This term has been all about designing spreads and doing research into magazine designs. To broader my ideas and learning in editorial design i went to ELSIE Magazine Talk were Les Jones the designer and creator of the design magazine spoke to us about his magazine and his inspirations of creating such a unique and successful editorial piece.

The idea of Elsie magazine evolved in his mind when he started to believe in Creative Freedom. While working as an independent  freelance designer he wasn’t to happy with the idea that clients were always on his back changing his creative designs. One day he decided to think of ways were he could express his creativeness and get money from it, and this was were ELSIE Magazine came from. To start he wasn’t interested in the money because not all independent magazine agencies get a lot of money . But after setting out to create ELSIE #1 he soon discovered that people recognise potential such as the New York National Library who voted the magazine in the top 10 magazine in the world of that year.

The talk was inspiring, giving us new ways of thinking and making us feel more confident i our own work and ideas. I’ve took many key things from this lecture to move use within my work such as “No Excuses”  and also when it comes to your own ideas there is some times where you just got to ignore others because to much ideas will make you lose ownership in your own design and lose your hold over your own idea.


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