Formative Assessment

Going into the assessment my editorial design layout was this:


In the assessment we had to stand and talk about the design in front of a group and then the group would give me a reflection on the work and how to make the editorial piece better.

The feedback was positive with small little changes that the audience suggested such as, increasing the guttering of the page because the text is close to the edges of the boxes and almost touching negative spaces. Getting rid of the underlines under the call out quotes and making the quotes more unique but constant through out the spreads. Also moving down the text and fill the final spread, because the third spread looked empty and then move the sub heading from the end spread and put it instead of the sub heading at the start of the spread. The final option they gave was to make the final spread more blue and get rid of the white, which would look a lot more interesting.

After the assessment i went away and experiment on the reflections i was given to see what i could create.


In the new design the first changes that can be seen is that the sub heading has changed and the underline has disappeared. The front spread works well with the new sub heading creating a better hierarchy on the spread leading the eye down the text.

Second spread has changed so much from the other design, the text has been broken up and freed from each other creating room for playful all outs which are design and positioned like a square to flow with the sugar cube design. The text flows and with the broken up text it makes it look more persuasive to read.

The third spread looks so much better, it is fully presented with text and by adding the same designed quotes from the second spread, it gives the page more uniqueness and is as important than the other spreads. The quotes also create a neat and tidy look to the page and specially with the “Enjoy an occasional slice of chocolate cake” it stands out on the final page and would interact with the audience making them wanting to read.

The Formative Assessment has again helped me to develop my work and has brought up some problems that i couldn’t see while working. Reflecting on my up to date design i am pleased were i am and the design looks a lot more unique and shows that i have experimented with much more typography. The blue covered spread at the end also works brilliantly because it creates a fantastic back ground for the conclusion of the article. The next little jobs are to work on my text to fix and sort the rag and little details in the text and then ask around for more opinions to see what people think of the newly updated design.


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