One to One feedback

After doing some changes from Friday’s tutorial, Monday we had a one to one to see if the changes have benefited the editorial piece. This was the design layout at the time:

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Succeeding the tutorial i went to re arrange my design and play with the points that came up in the tutorial.

Ben G- FAT V SUGAR – Updated Spreads after the tutorial.

The first main change you can see is that I’ve added a second colour. In the tutorial we discussed that i should add a fatty colour because the blue cubes were to focused on the sugar while the article talk mostly about fat. So by colouring the word FAT the pink is instantly recognised as fat through out the spread.

The next change that can be seen on the front spread is that I’ve re arranged the text by extending the head quote along four columns that led me to bring up a paragraph next to the opening paragraph.

Second spread through out i was having trouble of finding a secured layout for my text. In the one to one we discussed that i should bring the paragraph size to two column again instead of three because the paragraphs looked to long across the page and also by decreasing the size two two column it has given me more room to play and add call out quotes to break up the text making a more of a flow and present a designed look.

Final spread has been the weakest but the tutorial gave me some new ideas like increasing the type size to 14 from 11 for the conclusion. Also by moving the quote moves the eye across the spread. For the final page of the spreads i have given the sub heading and the writers name to fill the page up. But i believe there is much more i could do to this final page because its weak unlike the other spreads. Next step is to see what kind of feedback i get from the formative feedback to see what i could change. By talking to others and get opinions like these tutor groups and one to one gives me more ideas and also points out things i don’t see from my work which is very helpful.


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