Editorial Design Visuals and Friday Group Tutorial

Visuals are key for editorial design and with my editorial design spreads i needed to work on some visuals to bring the readers to read and also make the article to flow through the spreads.

In my original design the blue and the white created good use of negative space and worked well for the title page. But after Friday’s tutorial i decided to reduce the scale of the writers name because the title is more important and works better as a visual to attract the eyes of the readers. Also in the previous design i wasn’t happy with my spread layout because it looked boring and there were no pleasing visuals. But after designing and some discussions i had the idea of using cubes as a visual because sugar cubes are so popular when people think of sugar and also by using cubes as a visual there is the benefit of creating an 3D illusion that would stand out from the book shelves.

BLUE LAYOUT – (The spread design before Friday’s changes.)

The changes have brought the page to life the cubes create the illusion that the paper ain’t flat and also it creates a pleasing visual along side the title that has gone bolder and the writer’s names has been decreased in size making the focus on the title. The use of colour works well creating the shading of the cubes and the text colour changing from white to blue just makes it more interesting to read.

The second spread also looks a lot more pleasing and less boring, the image has been removed and the 3D illusion comes into play. The flow of the article is smother and easier to recognise when reading from right to left. After Friday’s tutorial there was positive and negative feed back, but very useful feedback. The group agreed that the blue cubes working along side white works well and they believed there wasn’t any need of an image because the cube visuals work so strongly throughout the spreads. Also the group was very helpful giving me support and some ideas of how i could advance my editorial design spreads like removing some cubes and moving text around would make it better to read and help with the visuals. So after the feedback i went back and played around with the design and finished with this:BLUE LAYOUT FRIDAYBLUE LAYOUT FRIDAY2BLUE LAYOUT FRIDAY3

By moving around the article it created space and with the space i extended the text in the second spread and by doing this it looks a lot easier to read and follow through. In the feedback the group suggested of moving the conclusion of the article to the final spread and by doing this it made the final spread more important than the other design because the other spread only had an image and a quote but with this it gives it more of a meaning by adding the conclusion to the end.


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