PDP – Personal Development Plan

Through out the year Constellation has developed my knowledge of art and design and developed my understanding of how the industry works. For the first term i studied Neo Futurism that looked into the birth of futurism and how the ideals of futurism were first applied to the design.

In the study group we explored key characters in the movement of futurism design and the unique styles of thinking that created a manifesto to persuade designers to design futuristic instead of designing with examples of the past. It was interesting and while writing my essay i learnt a lot more and i came a custom to the Neo Futurism movement. Sant Elia had strong beliefs and by studying him for my research i came to agree with him and i could see the problem we have today were designers have started to go for the retro or rustic look but this goes against the movement. I agree with Sant Elia, that designers should be designing ahead of time and this is were i thought that Sant Elia was fascinating because his designs were so modern they would be to modern for today’s standers. Neo futurism was an eye opening study group which has helped me think modern and unique for my design instead of taking ideas from the past. 

Second term my study group was Sustainability which was very interesting and helpful for my future prospects within the career of design. We learn’t how the early nineteen hundreds consisted of the industrial Revolution and the birth of consumerism  and the following years like the late forties, early fifties was the years when design was given a priority along side the manufacturing of a product. This when the competition on the market was started when there were various choices of products. Then we focused on the sustainable years when companies realised the wasted and the unsustainable way the manufacturing process works. This study group has helped me realise and make me think about how i want to design in my field because the design industry now has developed so much due to green design and products now are designed by planned obsolescence and designed to be recycled or created by recycled products. For my essay i choose to write about how graphic designers make the industry sustainable through the design, manufacturing and afterlife of the product. While researching i have come to discover the new strategies designers use to create a more sustainable practice like the redesigning of typefaces and the typeface Ryman Eco which was specifically designed with sustainability in mind. Also the increase development of using recycled materials to be used within the industry for posters, business cards and packaging. One of the most crucial process to creating a sustainable graphic design is the printing and from researching into the printing i learn’t a lot about printing and the use of Soya inks which are more sustainable than the petroleum based inks.

Unlike Neo Futurism, this study group has helped a lot more for the future and how i should think about sustainability and start at the end of the process instead of starting at the start because in that way i can have an idea what and how i wanted my out come to be like and how can it effect others. Neo Futurism has given me inspiration to think outside the box and be more experimental with my work and try to avoid to take inspiration from the past. Within the study groups i have also learn’t many new skills and developed some such as group communication when working withing groups and debating on strategies. Also i have developed my skill of speaking in front of the class when in the Sustainability study group we were asked to speak about how a product has changed over the years. The new skills i have developed is collaboration and mixing ideas with other fields which has helped gain new ideas and think differently in my work. Also by working with other designers like product design you get the insight of their industry which helps gain knowledge of different target audiences and how they develop their work.

Constellation key notes has helped my studies through out the year. The key note lectures have been interesting and many have made me change the way i think. My favourite key note was Dr Martins boot because after the lecture it opened my imagination and it showed how key target audience is within design. But also it has given me the understanding that people can modify and change your outcomes to suit them which creates character for your company or agency. This would help me when designing within my field of Graphic Communication due to the fact that the industry has such a wide scope of clients and graphic designers need to please them. Other key note lectures from second term has mostly helped me in the way i write essays and also they have given me confidence to speak my opinions and beliefs.

Coming to the end of the year and looking back over the year of constellation and i can see how much i have learn’t from the study group and the key note lectures. Constellation has brought plenty of knowledge and also made me confident with my opinions. Also it has given me a view on design in a unique way and has made me think in new ways when researching and designing in my field of Graphic Communication. Looking forward for next year to see what constellation has to offer, because this year has been a wide opening experience and i feel like I’ve learn’t so much. Alongside my practice constellation works well and successfully broadens the mind giving the individual a wide view on the industry of design and specially with my study group, Neo Futurism and Sustainability both have made me think for the future when designing, Neo futurism makes me want to explore and design unique products and sustainability has made me believe into designing green.


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