Comparing two designs

Throughout the last two weeks i have been busy designing and playing around with layouts and how my editorial design spreads would look like and n the end i created two different spread design.

My first design layout for the spread is this and after the research into colour i have chosen to use blue because it gives a friendly and also a healthy look to the spreads. With the cover i decided to go for a playful typographic look.  The idea behind this was to create “OR IS SUGAR” to be quite/ in the shadows of “IS FAT KILLING YOU” because the article is focused on fat and speaks of sugar being the enemy not fat. So with this in mind i created a layout were the blue is the negative space which moves focus away from the sugar and also breaks up the title.

315mm x 315mmThe next spread design layout is completely different but still i carried on with the typographic designed and this time i put the title in the centre of the page and broken up with a red line which is usually seen on posters for sports like boxing were they seperate the names of the two boxers.

Image result for modern boxing posters VS

By doing this it gives a similar impression to the other title were the sugar is underrated and also breaks the title up. I decided to carry the red line through out the spread like the blue in the other spreads. But with the line i decided to use it as a hierarchy to make a path for the eye which should create a flow through out the spreads. Unlike the other spreads this one contains gaps to place pictures within instead of placing the text over the top of the pictures.

After discussing my layouts with a tutor, both of us agreed there were more potential with the blue layout because it works well as a health related layout withe innocent colour of blue and also the unique title will attract people to read it when the book is placed in a hospital lounge or waiting room.


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