Ideas Title layout

indesign ideas.jpg

These are some ideas i’ve come up with for my front cover. After research into colours i decided on the colour blue because the blue family has so much variety of colours and many are eye popping and modern. Before the blue i looked at the pink which was beautiful in colour so decided to keep it minimalist and used Verdana typeface because it has different strokes and by using this typeface it could create simple good looking title. But for me the pink wouldn’t do so after finding the correct colour i went on to play with the title and came up with these ideas.

The title works well with a right flush and a left flush due to the fact there’s a break within the title. But the main reason was that the title gave suspicion that “Sugar” was more of a shadow in the back ground, a mystery and in the article it’s the same because through out the years fat has been the enemy but only now we realise fat all along was good for us and sugar ain’t. So with that in mind by putting “Is Fat Killing You” bigger and right flush it stands out and then sugar left flush and smaller gave a mystery aspect for it. I also decided with “or is sugar” to put it white because sugar is white in colour and also makes it more unique and stands out.

After experiment with the blue background i discovered that a small blue box works well and it creates simple yet modern look for the cover. Then from the after playing around with how everything looks the idea came to me to turn the small blue box into a mug giving the impression of sugar in a cup of tea. Really like the idea but after adding the name of the writer the layout didn’t look as good so i moved things around and increased the size of the blue and then came up with this unique idea which works well were the blue and the white are contrasted together and then the Jerome Groopman is creatively put in the corner to follow around the page.

At this time this is were the design is at for the cover and i have edited the text and placed into the layout but haven’t played around with how the context will sit on the page.


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