Research into Colours

After looking at many examples of editorial design books and magazines i discovered that colour has a big impact on how something looks. Many of the designs had bright colours, eye popping to attract the eye these were good for attracting the eye and also they created a modern look for the editorial pieces.


Bright and light colours like this stand out from the crowd, they can be seen from a far and not only that they are friendly colours they aren’t dark. These are the kind of colours i would like to use for my book because with my editorial design piece i want it to be seen in Coffee shops, National Health Service buildings and hospitals because in these places the article for fat and sugar would get attention from readers. But to get this attention it needs to look good and be striking.

Although all these colours are pretty and friendly only two possibly three would be used because there’s a chance that more than one colour could over power the piece of work. So i went to research and focus on certain colours and i decided to look at the NHS.


This was one example of an NHS booklet i found in my research which is beautifully put, it looks professional and also quite modern with these bright blue colours.

The book took me to a page which had these two charts showing different colours within the NHS which is worn by different nurses in the medical profession to helps distinguish they’re place on the line. I knew that Red is used for nurses that work with blood and blues are usually the nurses that work on wards and help patience but in the research i discovered that there are so many more colours out there and some are very modern and just what i was looking for for my piece of work. So while ill be designing and placing text on to InDesign ill be experiment with these colours to see which are the best.


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