Editorial Design Workshop

First day back from the Easter break we had a refresh on our editorial brief and then revisited the lecture on typographic detailing and layout.

In the lecture we revisited different layouts such as margins for or novels and columns used for magazines then looked over how text can sit on the page like flush left or flushed right.

Flushed Left: Is where the text starts from the left and the rags are on the right of the page.

Flushed Right: Is where the text starts from the right and the rag is on the left of the page.

There is also a third option which is centred type which is used mostly on invitations.

With placing text there are chance that the text has paragraphs. There are three way s of presenting paragraphs withing layout which is Indentation where the new paragraph starts inwards, this is used in books/novels. Then there’s Hanging Indentation were it’s the opposite. Or another way is to create a gap between paragraphs which is a lot more easier to read but it takes a lot more room.

Then we focused on how could we create a successful layout for our magazines which meant looking at hierarchy and how that a successful hierarchy can create steps for readers to read. This include headings and sub-headings where the headings are usually bigger and can grab attention of the reader and then sub-headings are usually smaller and next to the heading to give more information about the article. In many modern designed magazines there are many callouts which is the name used for pulled out quotes or pulled out information.

Also we learnt about something new which was EM dashes and EN dashes. Em dashes are used within sentences that represent a pause in a sentence,its the same size as a “M” and En dashes is used with dates and numbers and its called EN dash because its half of the size of the EM dash which is equal to the size of a “N”.


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