Editorial design Research and ideas

Monday we had the chance to look at examples of books/magazines which gave me few ideas and also helped me with some decisions on my editorial design projects.

IMG_7698[1]As you can see there were plenty to look through for inspiration!


One of my dilemmas for my design is that i want my design to be professional but also simple and easy to read. Another problem there is a lot of text for my book and i wanted to see how i could fit it all on the page and still make it look new, modern and different. This book gave me the idea that i could fit a picture on one page and then present the text on the separate page and by using negative space it creates a easy on the eye layout. Also the image used has given me idea of what kind of images i could use for my article, “Is fat killing you, or is Sugar?”.


This is a good example of a designer that has created something unique out of a lot of text. The circles are great opportunity for callouts quotes and information which creates a unique look. After looking at the page i had an idea that i could do the same but create sugar and fat molecules instead of random circles. But after more reflection there is a lot of text and it makes the page look busy and harder to read especially around the circles.

Last thing i was looking at was colour choices because i don’t know how colour would look on a modern book. More i looked on the books i saw a trend of bright colours which stood out and created a unique and modern design for the book. Also i found a blue bordered two pages spreads which also gave me the idea of using NHS colours but i would need to research and search into colour choices. By looking at these examples given me plenty of things to think about.


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