Editorial design research

For the final term of the year we have been set a brief on editorial design. Our ole as the editorial designer we will choose one article to interpret through type and image. The article will form the textual basis for the piece but as the designer it’s our job to inform how this text sits within the context of a number of double page spreads and to develop original images that work alongside your text.

After reading through the 10 different articles, i decided on the article “is fat killing you, or is it sugar?” by Jerome Groopman because i like the idea of designing a book/magazine on health like NHS and healthy life style. Also i follow alot of magazine on healthy life style but most are boring to look at and this could be a nice opportunity to change that.

Before doing any designing there’s the need for research so i went at it to find 5 unique designed book/magazines to get some ideas on how should i go at it to design my article.


My first layout i came across was this where on the left page it contains the context and the left page is a page with an example on it. If i went on to designing my editorial magazine in this manner i would be placing a picture on the right side, but this design works well with the use of the black so there’s a high possibility that the layout won’t work as well if a used an image.


This layout is interesting and the reason i have chosen this is because i like how the designer has used the images and how he has placed them. By looking at the design i can picture my images coming out similar in the shape of sugar cubes due to the artical have chosen about sugar and fats. The idea of cropping the images work well and the slanted text works beautifully with the shapes.


Reason i chose this design layout was because it gives me an idea of how i could place my text in a more exciting manner. The context are all placed along side the pictures creating a unique and simple layout. But there are problems can occur by doing this such as rivers appear in the text and also it can drive people crazy because they have difficulty with reading the text.


On this layout it contains a key strategy where the designer has plit the two pages in half to show two different sub heading and they re context. This is unique because in any other book/ magazine designers separate headings on different pages but with this design layout the two context are split up across the two pages.


For my 5th chosen design is this because unlike the other designs this one is simple and minimal. This is great example of how simple design works well with the context, but unlike this magazine my design will include a lot more text and also images so for that reason my preferred design is the first layout followed closely with the second layout.

Both designs could help me create a successful design, because both have the ability to hold a successful amount of text and information and still have space for images and pulled out quotes.


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