Dyslexia project

After weeks of hard work we finally finalised the animation and our printed and digital ephemera. Our target was to create a typography designed animation and ephemera to create a campaign for raising awareness for dyslexia.

The target of the campaign is to raise awareness of dyslexia and the different kinds of Dyslexia such as Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. Target audience of the campaign is students because in our research we discovered that many students go through school and university without realising that they have dyslexia. Many story boards later we had an idea of what we wanted to do for the animation. The idea was to create a black on white based animation, the same colours as writing with black on white paper which gives the idea of someone writing or typing. While this happens the titles and questions that come up all appear dis-formed giving the impression of someone with dyslexia but then to show information and help the screen turns black with white type. This represents the help dyslexia patience have from using colour. The information then are all shown normally without deformation. After finalising the animation we agreed that an audio was needed for the animation because the audio would let us give more information for the audience and give context about Dysgraphia, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

My biggest roll in the project was designing the ephemera, after plenty of research into poster examples, typefaces and colours i came up with three unique posters each showing an example of dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Dyslexia is difficulty with reading so my design thought process for this poster was to create a simplistic poster that shows difficulty with reading. After showing my group the work they liked the concept of “Can You Read This?” and suggested we use it for the name of the campaign. Dysgraphia poster was the most difficult because the some of the designs i did didn’t feel as effective than the other posters. But after bit of partnership and sharing ideas we had the idea of doing a hand rendered typeface for the poster because dysgraphia is difficulty with writing so it would work well. After success with the poster designs we believed that a logo was needed for the organisation to put on to the animation and on the posters, i went off to do some designing.

Logo cany you read this

Many designs later i came up with a logo that i thought was strongest because it was clear to read but also there was some dismembered bits creating the unique style of letters/symbols moving on the page. On the poster the question mark it self is a logo which persuaded me to design the logo around that.

As a group for our digital ephemera we decided to have GIF. Myself and group member went to create the GIF. The idea we had was to base it on the dyslexia poster but then involve dysgraphia and dyscalculia over the time period of the GIF.

Mobile Poster idea.jpg

I went on to place and design the GIF into the layout seen above. First i created a normal storyboard but then after discussing work with the tutor, i went on to placing the GIF on to mobile screen because it becomes more professional and it shows how the product would look like on a mobile.



At the end of the project an exhibition will take place to show our work. To make sure the work is shown off properly we placed the posters accurately measured and put them together in a eye popping manner.


Field term it’s self has been good experience but for the last 5 weeks the design activism was a great project to be involved in, which got me to learn about After Effects, new achievements with Illustrator and also increased my knowledge of Graphic Communication and it’s place within different societies and how it interects with other people.


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