History Of Type

This topic doesn’t come up often but when Dalton Maag came to talk to us they gave some history but i want to research in greater depth into the history of type.

History of communication can be searched back to the cave men era which was 40,000 years ago when people used blood and mashed up flower to create paintings  of stories but the revolution of agriculture when large groups of people came together to create societies which caused communication. This was the Revelation of Egypt when they created hieroglyphics which was done for noting down taxes and ways of agriculture.

Unlike type we see now, hieroglyphics were symbol based that stands for sounds. In Egyptian, the owl stands for the sound ‘m’. The Egyptian symbol for a mouth can mean mouth but it’s usually read as the sound ‘r’.

The biggest revolution of type was when the Roman Empire ruled over Europe. Reason the Empire was so successful was the fact that the romans had their own language, education, alphabet, numbers and also they created their own type to communicate. So when they left Italy and moved places they created their own colonies by teaching people their method.Image result for roman runes

Latin Greece they also advanced in numbers and alphabets. Many of our knowledge has come from the Greek/Latin philosophers, like Pythagoras but also how the world communicates now. Latin is science language throughout the world and also the symbols used.

Image result for ancient greek alphabet a-z

Image result for ancient greek alphabet a-z

Moving into the future to year 1450. his was a revolutionary year for mass typing when Gutenberg invented the very first movable type press. This increased productions of type throughout the world creating a more quicker process of typing books such as the Gutenberg Bible which was the first piece of work to be printed using the press. From this process words such as Kerning and Leading were made which are still used by graphic designers today.

But also throughout the world there are thousands of different type language systems like Japan have 4 different writing systems and India have about 20. Just imagine all of the other countries/ and colonies in Asia and mid west of the world there are hundreds of thousands and this make me realise how much work it is to create typeface to not only work with our alphabet but other systems as well!


Image result for chinese alphabet

Image result for japanese alphabet hiragana


Image result for japanese alphabet kanji

Image result for gujarati alphabet


Image result for punjabi alphabet

Image result for hindi alphabet




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