Dalton Maag – What Lies Beneath 22/03/2017

Last week we were very fortunate because Dalton Maag came to university to give us a talk on Typography.

Bruno Maag a Swedish entrepreneur and Graphic designer had a vision of creating a Typographic design company that created typefaces for world wide brands and also create their very own selection of type faces. So in 1991 London he launched his company Dalton Maag.

Tom Foley the design director of the company always studied Graphic Design and after finishing in Uni in Ireland he came to London were he increased his studies in Graphic design in St Martins. When he was there he was faced with a brief of creating a typeface and throughout that brief his love for type flourished which was recognised by Dalton Maag.

Dalton Maag has a very wide and long list of world wide clients they work for like Nokia, Intel, Tesco and Lush all wanting a new typeface for their brand to work with. 5 years ago Intel wanted a re brand because they saw a decline in services so they came to Dalton Maag and they said immediately that the typeface they were using was well out of date and it needed to be more consumer friendly. After 4 years of worked they created a new engineered and friendly typeface that worked before it took another 2 years of sitting on the market.

But they’ve had more difficult jobs such as Nokia who wanted a new typeface to suit the phones they were creating but not only that they were launching more than just one new model so the typeface need to be flexible that could be used on different technological systems. Not only that, Nokia is world wide so the typeface need to be designed for 19 different writing systems so they needed to be consistent and that what made it difficult.


It was a great opportunity to listen to Dalton Maag and by doing so i’ve learnt many new things and come to understand how difficult creating typefaces can actually be. I was amazed the work they did and the consistency in the type when it’s being used in different writing systems. Their work have given me ideas and helped also in my typographic work for the future.


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