Sustainable Typeface and Soy based inks

For Constellation assignment we are asked to write about sustainability within our field which is Graphic Communication. There are many ways that sustainability works along side Graphic design for example it can be used in the manufacturing process, the planning and also how it is used after it’s life on the market.

Many companies have tried to help with sustainability within graphic design like the Mono type foundry. The Monotype foundry decided that one of the flaws of the communications industry was that work needs to be print. After months of research and development the decided to create the Ryman Eco typeface which is designed to be printed with less inc than other typefaces. The type is created of lines instead of deep and thick strokes which appositely saves inc when printing. But other companies and developers have discovered that the typeface isn’t as sustainable as first thought because the Monotype Foundry didn’t research in greater depth of how the inc sinks into the paper, So after many more analysis the other companies discovered that the typeface uses a similar amount of inc that any other typeface when printed on paper. Image result for Ryman eco fontMaybe Monotype Ryman Eco Typeface wasn’t a success but it’s great to see companies trying new ways to create a sustainable process in Graphic Design. Some companies have moved on with the idea of being more sustainable when printing because within the graphic design industry, Printing is the most used method and is the hardest to sustain it. Technology companies world wide try to design sustainable printers that use vegetable based ink called Soy based inks which are more sustainable than oil based incs which are extracted from oil distractions.

Soy is a kind of ink made from soybeans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, Soy based ink is more environmentally friendly, might provide more accurate colours, and makes it easier to recycle paper. It is slower to dry than many inks.

Image result for soy based ink


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