Afterlife: Max Harding

In this Afterlife session we had Max Harding who works at a company called Halo which are based in Bristol.

Harding graduated three years ago so hes fairly new to the world of design but that hasn’t stopped him achieving success within the Halo Design agency. Halo are an all round Graphic Communication and design agency designing new identities and brands for companies like Tesco, Seat, Asda and Royal Navy. They are very popular for designing brands for business to business companies because they have the design knowledge of how to create a successful brand. Even though Max Harding is new to the company he has worked on many re branding designs like Butcome brewery, Protocell fish feed and Sportsman Feed.

IMG_7202He told us that after graduation make sure you have time for yourself but don’t leave it to long for finding a job because it’s very competitive career. Which leads to creating a successful and impressive portfolio that shows your confidence of showing the work. Make sure you get yourself out there by creating a website or social media sight to present your work. By doing this it shows people that you are confident with your work and also you can look back on ow far you have come in design.



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