Animation final Story Board and Voice Over

IMG_7239[1]After many changes and decision making in our group we agreed on a story board design for the animation. Similar to the other designs this story board contains more information and more typography effects. The animation will start off with a question “Can You Read This?”. This will attract the attention of the reader but then second later the line deforms and disappears into the white back ground. Then after a faint question appears asking “Are you Confused?”. As it sits on the screen it moves around faintly making it difficult to read before spreading off the page to let the sub title dyslexia to appear. Dyslexia appears on the screen but spelt wrong “Dysleiax” before getting backed spaced and corrected. We all agreed that the “Dys” should stay on the screen and then “Calcular” should appear along side as numbers and mathematical symbols come crashing over the screen. Then same goes to Dysgraphia, the Calcular and the numbers disappear then “Graphia”appears alongside in the effect of someone writing it out. The next frame appears after the screen zooms into the Dysgraphia creating a black screen that contains the white text “Are you affected by this?”.The reason we wanted to swap colours was to give the impression of a coloured screen used by people with dyslexia which helps them to read (Like the research i did on Dyslexia Colours). The next few frames give the audience the information for support such as, website and email address on the Organisation that we came up with which is called “”.


IMG_7231[1]In the group we decided we wanted a voice over so two of us went off and done some scripts and recorded one another’s voice to see who was best.


The storyboard is very successful and the effects and how the animation flows works well. Our aim was to make sure that the animation would flow and not be confusing. Also the use of an audio voice over would support the animation by giving more information and create more understanding of the animation.



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