Study Group:Re-directive Practice

It’s getting close to the end of the Study group lectures now but in this lecture we talked about Re-directive (redirection) in Sustainability. This is what’s being happening in the world of design and manufacturing now, in the present after people decided to start designing green. This is when designers and manufacturing have started to be more efficient in the creation of products so they could be sustainable which leads to slow consumption.

Stuart Walker a Professor in Radical design in Sustainability talked about the idea of reusing products in his book “The spirit of deign”. Reusing, can be placed in many ways like, using a product more than once or designers can create a product that is multipurpose. By doing this they slow down waste because people will be able to use this product for longer and it would be more useful. Another solution is creating products that last and also can be repaired to last in this way people won’t be throwing products away and buying similar products to replace.

Like a bottle of Water it isn’t sustainable. Distributing, Creating, Collecting, Vending and using the product have all unsustainable points but you only need some imagination from designers to create something sustainable or reusable for them.

Image result for reused products

Plastic bottles aren’t biodegradable so some people have found new uses for them like these plant pots.

But in the near future manufactures need to find new ways of creating plastic bottles and make them sustainable form the manufacturing to the throw away. Because the extraction of plastics ruin environments and even when people throw away bottles after use they still ruin environments/habitats.


I believe as a designer that we should look at the problems and take in the guilt of the problems we have cause to the world and start create a solution for them. It’s us designers have caused the problem and specially Graphic designers we have created the increase of consumption because with our talent we can persuade people to buy things. There are solutions like reusing materials and products or researching into different ways of producing work.



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