Dyslexia Posters: Changes and New Designs

After designing the posters i asked for opinions on them by my my design activist group. They liked my work and prefer some more than the others and told me how to make them better.

The first change was moving the help line from the pink into the white.  I prefer it like this because its more simple and it brings out the hierarchy of the “Have You Got Dyslexia”. Out of the designs this is one of the favourites my group liked. After the feedback i went back and created some more designs.

Next i moved on to create some Dyscalculia poster alongside my group mate who also was designing some posters. Both of my minds can make the difference and we came up with this unique design of moving numbers and the white bleeds into the numbers on the black square.

The next poster i designed is similar to the other poster were the type is over whelmed by the white background. But unlike the other poster the text is more centred and is more simple.

After looking through my designs i wanted to re design a coloured poster, so i went back to InDesign and Illustrator and decided to create a similar type of poster but with a new colour and a new phrase ” Can you read this?”.


In my opinion i prefer the type blending into the white back ground because they are more modern looking and it works well as Dyslexia.


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