Learning Illustration Techniques for Dyslexia poster

Today i have been teaching myself some techniques on how to split and cut up letters on Adobe Illustrator which will come to help me on my poster design for the dyslexia ephemera.


  1. First job is to write down what you would like to cut and split and the select it using the black arrow tool. IMG_7112[1]
  2. Next step is to go to object then down to expand. Then a tab will appear and on that tab just click okay. IMG_7113[1]
  3. To make sure you have done these steps correctly zoom into the text and you will be able to see spots around the shape.
  4. Now is the fun part were you grabb the line segment tool and start cutting the shapes/letters up. IMG_7123[1]
  5. Then after doing that select all so the lines and the text outline will light up blue like in the picture above.
  6. Next while the context is selected go to Windows and click Pathfinder. Then in the tab you will see a selection of options, the one you want is Divide.IMG_7125[1]
  7. Next go back to Object tab and select ungroup. By doing this is brakes up the letter for you to move around and select different parts independently.
  8. Now create and play about.IMG_7128[1]


By learning this technique it will be possible for me to create some unique type which will resemble Dyslexia for our dyslexia ephemera.


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