Designing Dyslexia Printed Ephemera

After learning how to cut and split up letters and words i went on to start creating some examples.

I wanted to have a phrase on the poster to pull the in the audience so i decide to use, “Have you got Dyslexia?” because it’s questioning the reader and make them more involved/interact more with the piece.


The idea i was going for was to create an A5 piece that could be placed in newspapers, magazines and under doors in halls of residence, this way we can target the target audience in many strategic ways.

After searching on colours for dyslexia i wanted to bring some colour into the piece and with this i had an idea if the letter that are on the colour could be readable to the audience and that the letter which are on the white could be more difficult to represent dyslexia.

With “Have you got Dyslexia?” i decided i wanted to cut the letters up, delete parts of them and fade as well to show different ways people with dyslexia see type. But also while wanting to do this i wanted to make it obvious that people can be able to read the ephemera.

After more looking closely i came to like the ephemera design but then thought about how does it compare to the animation. In the animation we have moving type, fading type and type that breaks up but no colour only black and white themed. Throughout the information bit of the animation were the type is playful, the type is black on a white back ground and then when it comes to where to get help bit, it changes to white type on black and the type is readable. So i went back  to designing and came up with a similar poster but with the same colour theme as the animation.

dyslexia a5 black

Both look good in my opinion , the black and the white look more simple and modern. I started to  realise that i should find a new phrase so i decide to use ” Can you read this?” because its a question and would work similar to the last question and also it is used in the animation at the start to bring an audience.

can you read this

Again the words disappear and with this it works more efficiently because the white space around looks like it’s swallowing the type up. I prefer this piece than the others because it’s more deep and mean full   to the reader and also even people without Dyslexia struggle to see it.


I’m pleased with my work so far, but i think with more playing around i could find a more successful piece of work. But it’s a good start and i have used my learning well in my research.


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