Research Dyslexia Posters

While we start creating the animation in University, in my spare time  i have been looking at some ideas for our ephemera. In our group we have been discussing of creating a poster and a app or a GIFF but we ain’t sure yet but i went and did some research into Dyslexia posters.


This is one poster i came across which shows the way that Dyslexia hides/ disappears parts of the letters. This gives me an idea of how i could present the typeface in my posters to show some Dysgraphia Dyslexia symptoms.


This poster shows information about Dyslexia, but the stuff i like from this poster is the colour yellow and the title because with Dyslexia they have discovered that for people with Dyslexia find it easier to read and write on coloured paper than white because the white paper can be bright which causes the letters disappear like seen in the first poster.


Christian Boer a graphic designer designed this new typeface which is focused on dyslexia because he is also is dyslexic. The type is designed to be easier to read and also will reduce the chance of the letters to disappear. With the the bold stroke and slightly slanted the type works successfully in the Dyslexia community.


After my research i want to design a poster with either words that are slightly decaying like the first poster or doing some sort of moving imagery to make people question themselves if they have trouble knowing what it means or have felt like this before when reading or writing.


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