Constellation: 5/8 Sustainable Practice

Sustainability – Equity of today and for the future

Sustainable Development is the many ways of developing companies and products to be sustainable.

The origins of Sustainability was born in 1972 in the Stockholm agreement which launched a global perspective on pollution and that designed a sustainable economy. In the UK the government follows a strategy called the three pillars of sustainability, which are Economy, Community and Social. By looking at these three categories they believe it’s possible to create a successful and sustainable economy.

Many believe there are more than just three categories to look upon.

  1. Nature Conservation
  2. Healthy Society
  3. Reduced Flows of Resources
  4. Social Ecology
  5. Cultural Ecology



In the last lecture we talked about Green Design but in this lecture we talked about Sustainable Product Design which is more focused on now in the world of design.

This is when we designers are given new technology that is already sustainable which is seen in modelling and prototyping. Also in every day life Architects and other designers create sustainable products that are green designed and can be worked/ used sustain ably such as BREEM – efficient houses, CO HOUSING – bring houses together, HOCKERTON HOUSING – houses built in the landscape.

Image result for hockerton housing project

All these are sustainable products built by green design and are constantly sustainable and this is what us designers are focused to do in our line of work at this time in the century and the near future.


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