Christian Boer – Dyslexie Typeface

In my field project we are looking at Dyslexia so i did some research on Christian Boer who is a well known Graphic designer because of his achievement on designing a Dyslexic typeface which is easier to read and write for the people who have dyslexia.

Christian Boer studied and graduated at Utrecht Art Academy in 2008. He first developed the Dyslexie typeface there as a final thesis project. A dyslexic himself, Christian Boer set out to create a font that would make reading a less arduous task.

” Find a solution for your own problem and there will be a lot of other people around the world that will have the same problem”

In 2011 he wan  Smart Future Mind Award in Amsterdam, this media attention intensified and scientists and doctors began to have the type to help dyslexia. The font itself was a finalist for the Fast Company Innovate Through Design Award in 2013 including  nomination in INDEX award in Copenhagen.



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