Animation Planning / Interim Presentation

Through out the week we have been discussing our story board and how we could do it better. We did some research into Dyslexia in students and we discovered that the student office in the University helps students who have dyslexia and by closer research we made a decision to aim our advert to raise awareness of the Student Offices helpline for Dyslexia. Also with this idea we needed to change the animation’s story board.

We decided to add some character to the animation by adding well known inventors/ designers that had or have Dyslexia because by doing this it makes an individual feel hopeful and build in confidence about their Dyslexia.

The character we choose were, Steve Jobs, Walter Disney, Agatha Christie and  Thomas Edison. So in our group of 4, two of us went off to design and illustrate the characters.

Agatha Christie and Walter Disney i tried to illustrate on Adobe Illustrator and this is what i had done:


After we looked at our work and decided on the illustrations and set to work creating our animation.

On Monday we had a Interim presentations of concepts where in our groups we had to present all of our ideas and work up till now. We presented well and the audience liked the concept of doing work around Dyslexia but many people said that we should stick to creating a Typography animation because it’s more effective and Dyslexia works around reading,  letters and numbers.


I agreed with the feedback because a typographic is more interesting and works well with posters and animation. Also Dyslexia evolves around type and numbers which suits typography perfectly.



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