Story Board planning

After the workshop on Story boarding in our groups we went on to start design and thinking about creating one to help us when it comes to creating our animation.


At the start this was idea, In our group we decided we wanted a typographic Animation that would show the symptoms of Dyslexia. In this story board we wanted to appeal to the audience by giving them questions but as you start to read the questions would get harder to read show the difficulty of reading by people with Dyslexia, then another question that would be typed out but then erased and re-typed to show miss spelling which is another symptoms. Then followed by another question asking if they have felt the struggle like this before. But after we had a tutorial with the lecturer we could see that we were asking to much questions and also it came across very dark. So we got back to brain storming and re designing.


The second design was bigger and more animated, we though about give the work some character, a simple stick man walking through the difficult journey of Dyslexia. By doing this the stick man would be a persona in a way to make the animation flow and in each tile the stick man will face obstructions such as tumbling numbers, moving sentences and unexpected appearances which gives it a more heart felt animation which targets our student audience and also gives information about the different sort of Dyslexia such as Dyscalcular dyslexia which goes for people who struggle with numbers, Dysgraphia dyslexia which is reading and writing difficulties, then Dyspraxia for people who have trouble with hand to eye coordination. But in a group we believed we were looking at such a wide scope and also the Typographic animation would be more effective.

We looked over the story board and said goodbye to the stick man and went back to the type. We removed Dyspraxia and decided together to focus on Dysgraphia and Dyscalcular because with type we can show them in more detail and will be more effective to interact with the Audience.


This is the final story board which is similar to the last, with tumbling numbers and moving sentences. Every tile will be focused deeply and the animation will last more than 45 seconds because we have the time to create something spectacular and effective with Typography. We are currently deciding on colours but we believe white type on black and black type on white will be the mixture across the animation and at the end a hint of blue to represent the National Health Service (NHS).


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