Re Visiting Type Specimen Poster

It’s close to the end of second term of Uni already and through out the last two terms i have seen my work getting better especially my Adobe creative cloud skills. So i decided to re visit some of my old work from last term and start re designing.


This was my Type specimen poster of Rockwell, and as you can see it’s not great, very boring, not interesting, paragraphs getting over lapped and also bad spelling. I’m very ashamed with this and even when i designed it i felt disappointed but i couldn’t do anything more because i was new to the In Design and Illustrator Program and i didn’t understand how things worked. But since then i have worked on Illustrator and In design and have got a grips with it so i was ready to re design and come up with a new poster.

Rockwell type poster 3.2

This is what i came up with, it’s a lot different to the previous design and this is more interesting and modern. Also i believe it shows how i have developed with my skills on Illustrator and In design.

I’m very pleased with this poster and i feel glad that i have gone back and revisited the brief and made this unique piece of work. It took time to make sure the measurements and accuracy of the type on the columns but i had a solid idea through out and this is my achievement.



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