Paula Scher – Abstract Art of Design Documentary

In my spare time i found a new documentary on art and design and this week they were talking into the life of a Graphic designer called Paula Scher who is one of the head designers in the Pentagram Design in New York City.

The Pentagram Designer Co Operative is well known over the world because there is no boss only the best designers working together to achieve great things. It’s the benefit of a large firm but everyone is an individual.

Paula loves working there because she gets ideas from her team and she enjoys bringing new designers into the world.

Her first project that made her famous in New York was to create an identity for the Public Theatre in 1994.

But like many designers she studied illustration but through that she discovered her love for Typography  because she enjoyed the imagery she could create by using type. With this love she aimed her work for sing and song writers to design record covers for them, this was her lucky break which made her a big designer.

These are some of her well known pieces of work for the Bostons and also a poster which is seen around New York.

She gets her ideas when travelling and especially travelling around the City in a Taxi, her latest work were jobs for companies like Citibank. Back in 1998 City Banks and Travellers Insurance came together as a joint partnership. They asked Paula and her team to design a logo for the new company.


Travellers Insurance had a logo that contained an umbrella and Paula saw that the “t” in City could be used for the handle and after more designing they came up with the logo:


The most difficult thing in designing she said was persuading people and you always get knocked down but you always will be on top. Like the designers from Afterlife sessions she kept saying similar tips.


Paula Scher has shown that what ever road you take you will find something you will enjoy doing in your line of work. Also shows that people who take opportunities can achieve goals.




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