Story Board

Story boarding is when you design/plan how the animation or story plans out. In our groups we have been dissecting an advert into a story board. In a story board it should show the movement of the camera,  the angles, zoom and also focuses.


This is our sketched story board of the advert we had to dissect. The advert was by SONY and the story of the advert was bouncy balls bouncing freely down streets in San Francisco. The purple arrows show the direct of the balls then the pink arrows show the direction of scenes. Then for the camera use we used yellow to say when the camera was filming while being static and then the green shows when the scene was filmed in panoramic. Then on some scenes we used blue to show the filming being zoomed in or out and when the image faded or focused. This is the commercial we dissected into our story board.



The tutorial on Story board gave me a good understanding of how it works, and how it helps us to create a successfully planned animation. But unlike this workshop we will be planning our animation by using story board and not dissecting our work. We will be doing the opposite.


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