After Life 5: India Clausen

India Clausen works as a Visual Communicator at a company based in Bournemouth called Weclickmedia. She started her journey in Arts Bournemouth University for three years and in her third year exhibition she was noticed by the branch owner of Weclickmedia.

In her speech she gave us interesting tips because she was newly graduated and got a job. All 5 designers we have had have given us similar tips which shows which tips are important such as being able to adapt and being confident in your ability. Another key tip that has come up recently in the 4 designers seminar in London was to expect criticism because many people will disagree with your work and the only way you can changed their mind is to give reason and response to the questions they ask and also do more work than they bargain for because they would like some other piece you did and in the end it’s your work. Don’t take it personally.

India gave us tips on interview as well, she spoke about always be positive and back yourself, be confident. Also make sure you bring a good strong portfolio that shows something different which will make you stand out such as, show that you have the skill of using different software and put your all into the work and before any interview you need to research the agency/ competition.

The session was interesting because India was recently graduated and also she gave us similar tips to the other afterlife designers which shows that we should be taking this tips because they will be act upon in the future.


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