London -Dare Agency and Exploring



Oliver – Dare is a design agency based in London which focuses on behavioural science and how people act to graphic communication. The benefits of a company that researches in Behavioural Science is that it’s successful at targeting the audience and this is why Oliver-Dare has a a selection of very well known companies such as Audi, Google, Zooplar, AA, Starbucks and Brickfich.

Unlike other design agencies, Oliver –  Dare work within companies such as Audi to create a target audience for their products. They create a target audience by taking these steps:

  1. Inspiration – This is were the company gets ideas for how to target the audience.
  2. Decisions – Then decisions are were all the workers come together and agree on a decision to go forward with.
  3. Action – Here is were the decision is made into reality
  4. Validation – This is were the company confirms which action they are happy with and then move forward to target the audience.
  5. Participation – This is where the target audience connects with the product.


Behavioural Science in design is very interesting subject to know about and is a great benefit over other design agencies. It was interesting to learn about the subject and i would like to learn more about behavioural science. Mark Bell  (@markbell ) who showed us around he studied Graphic Information which focuses on human actions and reactions.



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