Field Design as Activism Brief

In this group project we are asked to be a design activist to design and help lead campaigns. This project asks for us to create an animation, 45 seconds long and also to printed ephemera, one digital and one hand made.

I’ve been put into a group of 3 and are all of us have already been doing research on different campaigns. To start we made a list of different campaigns that we would like to do such as:

  • Child Abuse
  • Gaza Strip
  • THINK road safety – drunk/drug/phone driving
  • Dementia
  • Refuges and immigrants
  • Police Brutality
  • Art funds in school
  • Unprovoked violence

After doing a list we all went off and chose our favourite campaigns and started researching into them. I choose to look at, Art funding, THINK road safety and Child Abuse.

Funding in Art

In my research i discovered that between 2003 – 2013 there was a 50 % drop in the GCSE number for design and technology, and 25% for other craft – related subjects. Also between 2012 -2013 only 8.4% of students combined art and science at AS Level. Since 2010 the number of art teachers have fallen by 11%. All this facts and figure show that there is a big problem in the funding of creative studies in schools.

THINK Road Safety 

With this campaign there are many things to consider because there are many elements that make up road safety like a found out in my research. Drunk driving is the number one killer in recent times because the number of deaths in drink driving accidents on British roads soared to 26% in 2012 and on average 3,000 people are killed by drunk driving incidents. Not wearing seat-belt is another concern because you are twice as likely to die if you don’t wear your seat-belt and this is very common in 17-35 year old. After deeper research i found a few road safety concerns that are not recognised by the people which is drug driving and country road driving where 59% of all fatalities are.

Child Abuse

Next research i did was looking at the awareness of child abuse and looking at the statistics made by NSPCC. According to NSPCC there are about 57,000 in UK in need of help and in the last years they have seen an increase of child suicides due to abuse by parents or online bullying. When discovering this i started to look at suicide in general because it’s a big cause in children and adults, also before going to uni i  lost my mate from suicide so also the research was personal. In Britain there were 6,581 deaths by suicide in 2014, and the highest rate was ages between 45-49 year old. With children there were 98 cases of suicides under the ages of 15 in 2014 and the common cause was bullying that leads them to suicide.


After bringing the research back to the group we reflected our research, one researched into Dyslexia which is a common problem but there isn’t many awareness on it. We agreed as a group to do this awareness because it has a wide scope of things we could do for our animation.

My reflection on how our group is working at the moment is really well all of us have done plenty of research and have gone through our decisions and found a great idea with plenty of opportunities to create a successful campaign.




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