Field 2 week project

The last time i wrote about the project was when we had the idea of the hand made posters with the booklet. Since then we had many discussion because we didn’t think that our project was good enough.

An idea i came up with was to create a story board of the war by using the poems. The idea came to mind when thinking of ways to connect all of the context we had such as the poems and the paragraph from the novel. The plan was to use Mostyn Gibbs poem to start by the galleons travelling over sea to Spain, then the quote “murmur of thousands…” from the novel for the middle and then another quote from the novel “There can be no victory without sacrifice” for the end. By doing so it would show the civil war by using the poems and also connecting them together and connecting Wales to the civil war. They weren’t to sure so we decided for all of us to think and meet the next morning with our ideas. That night i went to work on my idea doing a quick draft of my idea.


I was pleased with the outcome and there were many opportunities to make it better, but we didn’t take it, instead we decided to focus our intentions on Mostyn Gibbs poem and gave 4 of us a stanza and then we had to illustrate the stanza instead of using words. Unfortunately when we met up for our last meeting before presentation one of our group member who was illustrating our final stanza didn’t turn up and when we got into contact they said that they hadn’t started. So in our group of three we decided to take matters in our hands and one of my team member wrote the stanza in a funky and accurate way which made up for the missing illustration.


Our presentation was good, i was very pleased with the hard work the three of us did, we had done many pieces of work such as the digital posters to these small illustrations. I added the booklet to the final piece at the presentation because it had key information and also the poems we had discussed through out the last 2 weeks. If we had more time i would of enjoyed trying to do a animation and explore more with the idea because comparing it to other groups we had one of the weakest final piece but unlike other groups we had more information to go through and suck a large scope of ideas.



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