Afterlife 4: Gareth Strange

Today for our afterlife session we had a local designer called Gareth Strange who works at the company Brand Sixty-Eight. In his presentation he discussed his experience, the process and also tips for us.

From a young age, Gareth always wanted perfection when he was doodling and sketching, he struggled with perfection but through help and practice with his Nan he came to embrace imperfection and started to admire the mistakes.

He was torn between illustration and graphic design when coming to study at Cardiff’s Atrium. But through freelance jobs along side studying, he came to enjoy Graphic design and communication.

After finishing Uni, he went around local designers in Cardiff with his portfolio to ask for jobs, and through this he found a job at Bluegg a company that was based on the bay. He worked there for few years and in those years he created unique typefaces by hand and then scanning it into digital. He left and moved on to another company called Brand Sixty-Eight were he used these typefaces an awful lot. But after couple years there this year he’s left and started his own company with his partner which is called John&Jane that focuses on Graphic design and illustrations.

After he gave us his experience and process he told us key tips which are quite similar to the other afterlife designers such as make your company your own, Exam yourself and only you can know how much money you can get for your work. H also told us that social network is your bill board  to advertise yourself and the company so make sure that we post and share our work.

Gareth Strange was very interesting because he was a local guy who’s been very successful in the field and also i can relate to him because, i struggle with imperfections and i should start to admire them.


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