Constellation Sustainability : Technical Perfection

This term in Constellation I’m studying Sustainability with Huw Williams. The reason i wanted to study this is was because i have a keen interest in sustainability and it’s a important field in the industry of design.

In this study session we looked at technical perfection, which is the evolution of a products performance. In the 1800s – 1900s was the years of industrial revolution and many products were born like the toaster. Throughout the years the toaster has evolved, In 1901 Toaster were only a mechanical product but in the 1950s were styling came into the line of manufacturing, The product changed from the exposing the mechanical workings to have styled designed body to cover and target the audience.

As we can see this was a way to get customers to buy a product. In the 21st Century we have toaster with colours and funky designs but there is a bigger market for them these days which make manufactures use different techniques to make people by the products. One of the biggest manufacturing techniques is planned obsolescence where products are built to brake within few years or be taken off the market by the next model after. This is used in washing machines were manufactures build the product and sell it cheap and in 2 years it will break and instead of repairing it, it would be cheaper to buy a new one. We see planned obsolescence in car manufacturing, not by building cars that break easily but building new models with new designs to take the old model off the market.

These Ford fiestas are all different, more performance and efficiency and all have different designs. By doing this Ford can aim to target other customers and start removing the older model out of the target market.

Another strategy is Anticipate technique, were companies design something that only can be used by the product that they want you to buy, like Apple Pay. Apple have designed this just to make people buy an Iphone to use it.

This session was interesting learning about the unique ways that manufacturing and design have come together to help make industry’s moving and evolving.


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