Afterlife 2: Matt Bonaccorsi

In this afterlife session we had our very own Matt Bonaccorsi who spoke about his life in the design industry.

His Career in design started when he was pushed into studying in collage by his parents, In his collage he discovered the craft of metal pressing and design used for coins and medals. After three years in collage he went to study the craft in university before getting a job. After meeting his wife he moved to Cardiff where he worked in the Royal Mint were he designed coins and medals. One of his biggest jobs was to design the Olympic medals for London 2012.

Now he has a family hes opened a small business doing big projects such as the Lord of the Rings coins and Dr Who limited edition coins for BBC. Also he does work for countries abroad in Europe.

The after life session was great because i never thought about designers focusing on coins and medals and it was an eye opener to know that our lecturer Matt Bonaccorsi had done all these fantastic projects.  The main tip he gave us was to take opportunities as they come and this is what i’m gonna do in my journey in design.

Related image

Image result for dr who coin


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