After Life 3: Lee Fairbrother

In the afterlife session we had a designer called Lee Fairbrother, who is a creative director of a company in London called Accelerate digital. In the company they design many unique things from illustrations of mascots too branding and advertising. Instead of giving his biography of how he came to creative director he gave us 25 key points to remember when working in the field of design.

  1. Make a plan  – Plan of action in design,etc work for company or freelance?
  2. Portfolio – Very important it’s your advertising tool to get a job
  3. Know the industry – Get to Know the company of work
  4. Never stop learning – Always keep learning, etc ADOBE creative studio tutorials
  5. Understand between idea and execution – Strategy and Purpose
  6. Never underestimate simplicity
  7. Focus on benefit – Create from the end perspective
  8. Scamping + Sketching = Strength – Attachment
  9. Pretotype then prototype
  10. Good is the Enemy of Great
  11. Build a network – make yourself know by other designers, linkedIN
  12. Find a mentor – Find a designer or someone with experience in the field to guide you
  13. Get yourself out there – Start selling, Website
  14. Make your job your own – Career/Job
  15. Biggest asset is your creative team – Let them flow with ideas, don’t interrupt
  16.  Present your work- sell your self and the work
  17. Be resilient – don’t back down make sure you get the last word
  18. Radical Candour – Be honest and give honest opinions on the work
  19. Choose your advice
  20. Should be payed more than just money – respect, popularity, job car etc
  21. Know when it’s the correct time to move on
  22. Procrastinating
  23. Don’t be a d**k – Always be nice and respectful for up and coming designers, give them confidence
  24. Work hard
  25. And finally make sure that you LOVE IT

There was a lot to take in but all very interesting and helpful tips for us students when it comes to getting ourselves out there in the field of design.

I feel grateful for this opportunity to listen to someone like Lee that gives us this useful information. The tips and ideas have made me think about my career in design and that i should start planning my way into the industry. One of my negatives is speeches, talking in front of people but with his tips and idea it will make me believe in myself and in this course we are given opportunities to talk about our work. So at the end of my 3 years here is should be confident in myself with my speeches. Another thing i need to do is create more stuff for my portfolio to sell myself in the field.



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