Protest and Propaganda

Start of the week we looked at Propaganda and different techniques in protesting. We looked at well know propaganda designers and artist which attack or repel against the governments such as Ai Weiwei and Banksy and many others.

At first we looked at propaganda throughout the years such as the women suffrage movement and how both sides of the argument used violent and strong graphic posters to promote themselves.

The poster on the left is a propaganda poster designed and made to fight against the suffragette movement o f women. The designer has purposely made the woman in the photo ugly to make people think that the women who are fighting for the cause look like this, which will make “mostly” men turn against them.  On the right there are two posters designed for the suffragette movement which contain very strong acquisition against the opposition.

After, we looked at propaganda posters designed for the civil war to attract soldiers to fight.

On the Left we have the nationalist propaganda to promote their uprising and in the call for more soldiers to join the battle for the nationalist. But on the right this is the response by the republic who believe that if the nationalist win they will be controlled by the Nazi Germany who which are helping them in the battle. Both posters try different tactics, one is promoting but the other poster is there to discourage the people. It’s a very strong image of the Spanish nationals holding the cloak of the Nazi showing a very uncertain image, specially with the skull face that reflects of death or doom.

We were given a brief for the day to create a protesting/ propaganda poster to promote our beliefs on the manifesto work we did last week. In our group we decided to change our manifesto and started looking at other problems in the world, so we decided to  promote and protest about waste pollution.

The idea we had was to go around the non-recycling binds to find rubbish then use the rubbish to create a mosaic kid of poster to show the pollution in the air, water and land.

We started off by sketching ideas, and i came up with the idea of a tree as land, fish as water and smoke for air Then after collecting the waste we sat down and started to cut up the rubbish to create the mosaic posters.

They were very successful in the presentation but if we had to change anything we would of added text, just a simple sentence to make it stand out more.



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