Guernica – Picasso

24th April 1937, it was mid day when the Germans dropped bombs over the quiet town of Guernica. For Germany this was an experiment to test their new bombs called the incendiary bombs which spread when falling through the air creating a bigger surface area of destruction. They wanted to see how much damage they could do to a reasonably sized town so they deliberately bombed a citizen town.


In Paris 1937 they hosted the exposition internationale which was where country of europe came to Paris to show off their countries. Spain wanted to show their creative culture in their pavilion. Alongside other art and sculptures they asked the famous artist Picasso to create a piece of Spain for them. After many days of research he decided to create a piece on Guernica because it was new news and the countries of Europe felt on edge after the surprise bombing.

Picasso started his work in May and finished the piece in early June, about 5 weeks spent on it. He finished the piece, it was 25ft long and 11ft high. It contained violent and gruesome imagery of war. The piece was a very successfull work of art and till this day its one of the most toured piece of art because after the exposition internationale  the piece turned into a charity which made people give money or shoes for the survivers of Guernica. The Guernica-Picasso toured the Scandonavian countries, then came to Britain where it went to London, Leeds and Manchester before going out to America where it stood in the New York Museum of modern art.  But after few years being in the US the art came back to Spain where it lives today in Madrid.


After the lecture about Guernica we were given the task in our group to create and design a new Guernica styled piece but in the image of what we did yesterday in the groups. For my group we had to do a piece about false information and the freedom we should know the truth.

After an hour or two designing and doodling ideas individually we combined our thoughts and designed a plan to create the piece. We had been given 3 A1 sheets to do our piece on which gives us a big surface to play on. We haven’t finished the final piece due to the scale and work needed but i will post an image of it when we have finished.



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