First day of Field Work

Along side studying Graphic communication we get the opportunity to use our graphic communication skill along side other designers from Animation and Illustrators. By doing this helps us as students to learn and get experience of how to work with other creative minded people from other designing back grounds. I’ve been looking forward to do field because i believe that us designers from different field can create something unique with our equally unique ideas and creative imagination.

Today we learnt and got a grips with collaboration and then we were set into groups to think of world problems and what you personally believed should be changed. After choosing a problem we had to go into groups with people who believed in the same belief and then create a manifesto about it.

Our Manifesto was about free speech and giving us false information where we want the truth and only but the truth because of our freedom.


After writing our Manifesto we had to create a shadow theatre cut out to resemble the manifesto with out using words only by cut out of pictures.

img_65941We decided to have a big 3D sculpture of the information logo in the middle with a computer monitor, book/ newspaper and a magnifying glass. The computer and book/newspaper will show the uncertain information we get through the web and in the papers. The magnifying glass shows the idea of people like us that sees the fals information and believe that we the people deserve the freedom of knowing the truth and only but the truth.


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