First things First Seminar and Project

Today we looked into the “First things First” manifesto in more detail and then in groups of 4/5 we worked together to create a strategy to present that Graphic designer have more to offer to sustainable than just commercial design.

Sustainability is the living consistency of how the world works and in the manifesto Ken Garland and the many other signatures all agree that designers should concentrate on sustainable design and be aware of it because in commercial design us designers are limited with our thoughts, ideas and skill but if we design for the world we can give ourselves freedom to use our talent.

In our group we decide to create a poster strategy to present this across to designers and commercial workers. We didn’t want to persuade them we just wanted to plant information into the minds and make themselves think about it and decide for themselves.

After an hour or two of brain storming we came up with an idea to use road signs to present the problem. The reason we choose the sign design was that people use signs daily and they are easy to notice which would work well to attract the audience.


We were really pleased as a group because we wanted to show a strong powerful idea without trying to persuade people. This strategy could work in many ways, We could make the signs into stickers and go around the city streets and walks and just stick them on in unusual places. Learning about this manifesto has been a eye opener and has made myself think of what us designers and what we should or could be doing in our line of work.


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