Narrative booklet

Through out the past two weeks i have been busy researching and designing my 16 page booklet for designboom’s “super seven festival in cardiff”. My designs have changed and many corrections from feedback in tiwtor groups but with all the extra feedback it got me to the end of a very exciting project.

After my research i went at i to design my layout and get some ideas, after many hours sketching some ideas i came to a conclusion which was to use a hexagon  design theme for the book.


The idea presented it self while i was looking at the designboom logo. When looking closer at the logo you can see that the letters have corners on them which make them look like shapes from the hexagon family.

The next step was to place the context of the booklet on InDesign which was easier said than done because the context very in size due to different information from each designer. Jessica Walsh had plenty to say about design which didn’t help because it was a struggle to fit her in the book. But after hours of sizing and finding a small type face the context fit on two pages which helped for the other six designers. I decided to use Gill sans condensed typeface for the information then using the bold for titles and sub headings.


I made sure to make plenty of drafts because with my other work this term i haven’t done enough drafts and changes but with this narrative project i created 7 different drafts and with help of the tutorials group feedback i did some changes.


One of the biggest changes i did was changing the cover and the patterns for the hexagon design theme. The white draft was the original design but i decided to change because the shapes looked more consistent throughout the book.


Another change i did was the back cover, the original design was the white booklet and the light green booklet has the changes made. The main changes are how the information is shown and also i have added logos of social media links which work well.


After 4 drafts i couldn’t find anymore mistakes or changes but after reading through i discovered that all the designers have November dates with the information but on the front cover it said December. I went to discuss this with my tutor group and we all agreed to change it to November.

Through out Tuesday i printed 4 drafts and all have different changes and coloured paper to see which colour would suit the text.  Also when it came to binding the books i binded three books using staples and the other three with thread. (as seen on the left picture). I made sure that two booklets were identical that contain the same changes, one of these books i gave in to be assessed and the other book was a one off publish that contained two coloured paper.


I created this because i wanted to play around with the printing of the book. I choose two colours i like from the drafts and decided i wanted a red cover back and front and a very bright yellow inside pages. The print was successful and i had many compliments because the book look so much more interesting, and to finish it i used a red thread to bind the book which looks great in the spine of the bright yellow pages.


Wednesday morning we were set into pares to asses each others booklets, out of the two successful books i decided to give in the all red book because it was sticking inside the brief of using a one colour paper. I got great feed back, many positives like they loved the hexagon thinking through out the book, also said my text was placed in a successful layout which made it easy to read. But also some changes like keeping the picture size the same through out and experiment a bit more.

This narrative project has been my favourite from this first term because its made me feel like i was doing a professional job for someone, it gave me in insight of what things would be like in Graphic design after uni when doing jobs for customers. I have learnt a lot across the term and all helped me for this project. Been a great term coming to know everyone and the lecturers. Looking forward for the next term! Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd dda!. (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) .


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