Series of Images

We were set a task to design two sets of images that will be used to promote summer courses for 18/19 year old’s. The courses we can chose can be academic subjects or vocational subjects. We had a choice to either group up or go and do it on our own, man choose the group option because in the future in any work place you will need to be able to work in groups and that is why i decided to into a group.

The images will be used to decorate information sheets, and to suggest that the courses are interesting, well thought out and that the experience will be positive. We have to do two topics and use at least three images with only the use of two colours.

In the group we decided to do bike maintenance and photography as the two subjects or topics to advertise by using a series of images. This is one of the images i edited for the group. We all agreed that we wanted a colour theme for both topics to attract the eye of the audience so we agreed to have a red and yellow theme for bike topic and blue and pink for photography.


Then following the brief we had another which was to do two topics again using four pictures ( so 8 overall) but with specific measurements.

For the first topic the measurements were:

  • 140mm x 200mm Portrait
  • 280mm x 40mm Landscape
  • 55mm x 100mm Portrait
  • 55mm x 40mm Landscape

For the second topic the measurements were:

  • 200mm x 140mm Landscape
  • 40mm x 280mm Portrait
  • 100mm x 55mm Landscape
  • 40mm x 55mm Portrait

My first topic i choose was Car maintenance because i’ts my hobby and also the topic could be useful to 18/19 year old’s when trying to save money on car work.

My second topic i chose is nature which will be a very interesting topic for 18/19 year old’s because it will make them think about the wonderful world outside the big cities. Specially in Wales the countryside nature is amazing and plenty see.

The project was interesting but the measurements made my photoshop to crash many times which made the project frustrating. But other than that the project has been an eye opening and interesting workshop.




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