Pattern Portrait

We were set a challenge on photoshop to create a portrait image that had a pattern in the back ground to tie into the image.


This was my first piece, the theme is Amsterdam because it was one of my highlights when travelling in the summer with mates. The idea was to create a background pattern by using the retro Heineken signs from one of the Heineken bars in the city. Then I imported a nice image of one of the canals which stands strong in front of the pattern thanks for the black border.daffodile-1This was my second piece showing  the beauty of Wales is national flower standing tall in the sun. My favourite thing about this piece is the close up of the daffodil pattern because it attracts the audience with its unique, pretty colours and details.


Moving on from nature this image shows my love of mechanics, my plan going at this piece was to create something that looked mechanical. The image of me welding really stands out on the background that is made up by pictures of wheel rims. The nice thing about the pictures of the rims is that it doesn’t make the image blend into the background.

It was a very interesting workshop that showed some key things in our development in Photoshop.






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