Narrative Brief


For the next three weeks up to Christmas we are moving on to the next unit of work which is Narrative. Over the three weeks we are going to work on a brief to design a 16 page printed ephemera that will be informative for people.

The Brief

In a hypothetical world, in December, Designboom is bringing seven of the best and renown graphic designers to Cardiff.

Your role is to design the accompanying piece of printed ephemera that will be used to give people an insight in the designer’s practice and personalities.

Consider ow you can display narrative through the constraights of printed page through hierarchy, page layout and typefaces.  

Printed Ephemera

 Paper items that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectables. 

Before starting on the design I wanted to learn how to create an ephemera print because not only does the booklet need to one it also has to surprise and please other designers so this means that the final piece will have to be something which has been thoroughly thought through and been designed “outside the box”.


These are simple examples of printed ephemera. During my research I discovered that most of ephemera prints are retro or vintage advertisements or hand outs such as tickets and programs. Today they are collectable because of the company’s  history or just because of the how they look.

These posters are examples of retro/vintage style ephemera. But not everyone likes this style,  some Neo futurist designers  would like to encourage more fashionable, modern products and this is what I’m aiming for.

Modern Designs

Immediately these three posters stand out because they are bright, colourful and  unique! I was instantly impressed with these posters and I believe they would make an impact on the designers that will come to Cardiff with “Designboom”. However one problem that concerns me is that I am not  allowed to use colour in my design, it has to be black and white  on coloured paper therefore this may restrict my composition.

****Hypothetical world is designboom****


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